PGA Tournament Review
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StatementGames PGA Tournament Preview Content – 3 Benefits For Readers Seeking An Edge

PGA Tournament Preview

When our team publishes PGA Tournament Preview content… of course we want to serve as a resource and also entertain our readers.  All the basics you are looking for are covered with our content.  StatementGames is going to tell you everything that you need to know about a specific PGA Tournament.  Details such as event date, tee off times, network airing the match-up, who is hot, who is not and much more.  We will keep you plugged into the latest odds, gambling trends, etc.  All the core basics you need and want are outlined in an easy to digest format.

So why should edge seeking enthusiasts want to stay locked into StatementGames PGA Previews?  After all, thousands of sports blogs, newspapers and podcasts exist.  What makes StatementGames so special?  3 unique benefits offered by StatementGames that you will not get ANYWHERE else:

  • FREE PGA Equipment – As an example, take a look at our PGA Charles Schwab Tournament Preview 06.09.2020 article. Notice how StatementGames gives you an opportunity to parlay our overview into FREE PGA Equipment.
  • FREE PGA TICKETS – Our content gives you an ability to compete in a different form of Fantasy Golf.  Our  PGA RBC Heritage Tournament Preview 06.15.2030 article showed how participants could pick up FREE PGA tickets.
  • WIN FREE CA$H – Our PGA Travelers Championship Tournament Preiew 06.22.2020 article is another example we can point towards. In this article we show how you can pick up $500 in addition to COINS that can be exchanged for REWARDS.

Does your existing go to PGA Tournament Preview resource offer such opportunities?  Do we offer similar opportunities with other sports?  We sure do!  NBA, MLB, NFL, Combat Sports & NHL Game Day Preview Content published weekly.

What Do I Need To Do To WIN FREE PGA APPAREL, TICKETS & CA$H – 3 Steps

StatementGames has invented a different form of Free to Play Fantasy Golf. The 1-minute overview video found HERE will show you how to play STATEMENTGAMES.  To WIN FREE PGA APPAREL, TICKETS & CA$H:

  • Bookmark – Keep an eye out for our PGA Tournament Preview Articles that come out weekly during the PGA season.
  • Create A StatementGames account at  Registering for StatementGames is FREE, simple & easy.  You can even do so with your existing Apple ID, Facebook account or G-Mail account.
  • Start competing in tournaments!  Your StatementGames objective is to compete in a NEW form of Fantasy Sports.  Build your ACCOUNT BALANCE with “Coins” and when you are ready – exchange them for REWARDS!