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StatementGames Fantasy Sports Gaming Newsletter

Detroit casinos set to launch onsite sports gaming kiosks ...

StatementGames Inc. operates a casual sports gaming platform.  The games that we publish are FREE 2 Play and combine traditional elements of Fantasy Sports with Prop betting.  Our YouTube overview video found on our Home Page will give you a better understanding of how our business is position.  Through our platform, the company’s objective is to improve: 

  • Fan Engagement – Connecting with casual & diehard sports through friendly competition.
  • Fan Education – Sports gaming represents a multi billion North American opportunity.  Our product educates casual fans on sports gaming in a FUN no-risk environment. 
  • Marketing Systems – We pride ourselves in helping clients build deeper connects with consumers through automated systems.      

In this section you can obtain archived StatementGames Gaming Newsletters & Announcements.  For media and business related inquires please contact marketing at statementgames dot com.     

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