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StatementGames Fantasy Sports Gaming Newsletter

Detroit casinos set to launch onsite sports gaming kiosks ...

The StatementGames Gaming Newsletter keeps all of our users and business partners updated with relevant company news and information. StatementGames operates a casual sports gaming platform.  The games that we publish are FREE 2 Play and combine traditional elements of Fantasy Sports with Prop betting. The YouTube video found on our Home Page will give you a better understanding of how our business is laid out while showing you how the game is played. Through our platform, the company’s objective is to improve: 

  • Fan Engagement – Connecting with casual & die-hard sports’ fans through friendly competition because that’s what it’s all about.
  • Fan Education – Sports gaming represents a multi billion North American opportunity so we made sure our product educates casual fans on sports gaming in a FUN no-risk environment. 
  • Marketing Systems – We pride ourselves in helping clients build deeper connects with consumers through automated systems while also keeping it simple.      

With a traditional StatementGames Gaming Newsletter you will receive insights behind big developments going on with the company such as new product features, partnership, etc. Also, it will sometimes feature the current leaders of our Leaderboards. This is just some of the content you will read about in the Newsletter while also further educating yourself on StatementGames. Because at the end of the day, StatementGames wants its users always in the game!

In this section, you can obtain archived StatementGames Gaming Newsletters & Announcements. However, should you have media and/or business related inquires, please contact marketing at statementgames dot com.    

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