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An NFL game day preview provides insight into the upcoming week of the NFL season and the various games that will be occurring throughout the week. An NFL game day preview will dive deeper into each matchup and will provide knowledge to casual fans and avid fantasy players alike. 

What is an NFL Game Day Preview?

An NFL game day preview breaks down the matchup between two teams that are set to play in the upcoming week. While the average NFL fan can feel confident in their understanding of the teams that are playing, an NFL game day preview offers more stats that the fan might not have had the ability to consider.

While a game day preview seems simple, there are important details in them that you can take advantage of that could lead to more success in fantasy sports.

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NFL Game Day Preview Team Matchups

Sometimes, looking at a football team’s record is enough to determine how the game will play out. However, sports are not that simple, and for fantasy players, there are countless matchups within the game that could determine their success. So, what should you be looking for in a good NFL game day preview? 


While a team’s record is a good indication of the success they have had over the course of the season, there are some instances where a team’s record should be overlooked. For example, West Coast teams traditionally have a tough time travelling to the East Coast and playing at the 1 o’clock hour. For example, the 2018 NFC Champion LA Rams lost to the injury depleted Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh. The Steelers took advantage of the Rams being uncomfortable and got a win that turned their season around. 

NFL Game Day Preview Player Matchups

Certain players can succeed despite being on a team that has a poor record. For example, the top 5 passing leaders in the NFL in 2019 were Jamies Winston, Dak Prescott, Jared Goff, Phillip Rivers, and Matt Ryan. None of those quarterbacks played in the playoffs. Another example is Christian McCaffery, McCaffery totaled 2392 total yards in 2019 and his team finished 5-11 in 2019. 

For fantasy players, looking at the opposing teams’ defensive rankings against the run or pass can show points of weakness in a team that may otherwise look very strong. Despite their lackluster offense, the Denver Broncos have had a stellar defense for several years. However, the Broncos struggled to defend the pass in 2019, giving opposing wide receivers more value than fantasy players would anticipate. 


When you’re playing any fantasy sports game, the ability to find value is paramount to finding success. Using an NFL game day preview increases your chances of finding that value that could push you to more success playing fantasy sports. No matter how big a fan you are, 32 teams is far too many to keep track of. An NFL game day preview puts you in the best position to be successful when deciding on your statements.

NFL Fantasy Sports

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