Combat Sports Predictions
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A Sports Entertainment match card preview is not only a helpful tool, but an essential asset for finding success in fantasy MMA, wrestling and boxing.

What Are StatementGames Combat Sports Prediction & Preview Articles?

A StatementGames Combat Sports Predictions and Preview breaks down the match card on the night of the given event. Although an average sports entertainment fan can feel fairly confident in their understanding of the events occurring on the show, our match card predictions and preview’s offer important notes/facts in a condensed report.  The report is easy to digest.  It will highlight backstories, trends and insights relevant to the event.

Although a match card preview appears fairly self-explanatory, there are important details within each report that illustrate more advantageous statements. If you know exactly what to look for, you are far more likely to success. So, as a participant in fantasy COMBAT sports, let’s breakdown exactly what you should be looking for when researching WWE, UFC, AEW  & Boxing tournaments.

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Wrestling Predictions & Previews

StatementGames creates weekly WWE and AEW prediction and march card preview content.  We are changing the game when it comes to fantasy wrestling. Not many, if any, other fantasy sports sites have dipped their hand in weekly/monthly fantasy wrestling. The reason other sites have stayed away from fantasy wrestling is because it is scripted. But the way StatementGames provides statements for wrestling shows is innovative as match times, number of appearances by a certain superstar, and other statements can’t be known before a show.

So when it comes to picking statements/placing bets and figuring out how to pick the best statements/bets for any given wrestling event, there is research to be done. Example: If you are picking an OVER/UNDER for a match time, you want to know if the superstars involved are good workers or if someone like Brock Lesnar is wrestling. If it’s a good worker out there, the matches usually run longer where as a Brock Lesnar match is often pretty quick.

But choosing the correct statement/bet comes down to the men/women involved and storylines that precede it. By doing the homework and looking into a WWE sports entertainment preview, it makes hard choices a little bit easier.

Combat Sports Predictions

UFC & Boxing Predictions & Previews

Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing are probably the two most unpredictable sports in the world. On any given night, an underdog  fighter or boxer can land the right punch and shock the world. But sometimes those underdogs shouldn’t be underdogs in the first place. That’s where our prediction and  match card preview articles comes into play to give you an edge.

In various big time fights in just the last 5 years, the underdogs have won and that could have easily been predicted beforehand. Ronda Rousey was the most dominant MMA fighter in history when she went into her fight with Holly Holm. Rousey was the huge favorite going into the fight although Holm was bigger and the better boxer. Holm dismantled Rousey in less than 2 rounds and ended up knocking her out. Big names like Conor McGregor and Deontay Wilder also suffered similar upsets in recent years.

Although no one could have predicted each of those fights, having a match card preview and all the details could educate you on making the right pick.

Combat Sports Predictions

When you’re participating in any kind of fantasy sports, the ability to make educated guesses as to how a certain wrestler, boxer, or fighter may perform on a given night, and especially in a given matchup, is crucial. Unfortunately, as much as we love sports entertainment, many of us simply don’t have the extra time to devote to that education. I mean, we are talking about hundreds of wrestlers, boxers, and fighters. That’s why utilizing a sports entertainment match card preview can be an extremely useful tool when deciding on your statements.

Combat Sports Predictions

“Combat” Fantasy Sports Entertainment

StatementGames is an on-line sports gaming platform that offers a new twist on fantasy sports. The concept is one that places emphasis on specific professional sporting events and not individual athletes. With our game, end users are required to draft “Statements” as it pertains to a specific sporting event. By ranking statements in strength order, participants compete for real rewards by earning the most points within a tournament.

StatementGames is completely Free To Play and offers over 10K in Ca$h gift cards waiting to be claimed. Checkout the video below for a full overview on how to play.

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