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An NHL Game Day Preview will provide important information about upcoming NHL games for fans, media, as well as for fantasy sports purposes. Previews will include important individual and team stats, as well as notes about player injuries, head-to-head matchups, team history, etc.

What is an NHL Game Day Preview?

Previews will list projected game day rosters, with notes about recent AHL call-ups or new acquisitions to each team. Any new additions to the roster should have their stats from their previous team listed. 

NHL Game Day Previews will also provide information about the projected starting goaltenders, including their stats for the current season, as well as their career stats against their particular opponent for that game. Key stats are wins, losses, save percentage and goals-against average. This is arguably the most important head-to-head individual matchup in NHL games, similar to a starting pitcher matchup in an MLB game or starting quarterbacks in NFL games. 

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Fantasy NHL Game Day Preview

For readers who play fantasy sports, NHL game day previews are essential. Fantasy hockey games will track player stats ranging from goals and assists to total ice time and blocked shots. StatementGames NHL contests will track things such as margins of victory, points between a combination of two players, powerplay and penalty kill stats. Games will even go into depth about total team and individual player shots on goals as well as starting goaltender save percentages. So, any upward or downward trends in these statistical areas for both individual players and teams will be important for fantasy players to know. 


A player’s individual record against that particular opponent, or against the goaltender they are expected to face that night, is extremely important to know for fantasy purposes. For example, If the Washington Capitals are facing the Toronto Maple Leafs, Alex Ovechkin’s goal totals against Toronto are historically high. A player with that type of record should be a priority when making fantasy picks. Unfortunately for Leaf fans, Ovechkin is one of many players in the NHL that are dubbed “Leaf Killers” for their notoriously high point totals against Toronto. Pittsburgh’s Evgeni Malkin is another example. 

Reading NHL Game Day Preview

Looking into the overall league standings is also very important in NHL game day previews. A top-ranked team like the Boston Bruins will be heavily favoured against a lower seeded opponent such as the Detroit Red Wings. Despite the NHL’s parity, the cream usually rises to the top, so it’s important to bet accordingly. 


Lastly, playoff implications of each game become more important during the end of the season. Therefore, a gameday preview will include projected standings updates based on a win or a loss for both teams. In the day and age of the draft lottery, there comes a time when some teams are in full tank mode, and will be icing their weakest possible lineup to fall as far down the standings as possible. This also needs to be taken into account. 

NHL Fantasy Sports

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