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An MLB series preview provides insight into the upcoming three or four game series between two teams. This can be useful for the casual fan trying to gain knowledge about their team and who their team will be matching up against. It can also be very useful for fantasy baseball players, either daily or season long, looking for an edge over their opponent. 

What is an MLB Series Preview?

An MLB series preview breakdowns the matchup between the two teams not only for the day it is written, but for the next couple days because of the nature of a three or four game series. While casual fans of their respective MLB team will feel confident in their knowledge of their team, an MLB series preview offers important stats in a smaller report that they may not have had the time to consider. While series previews seem fairly simple, they include important facts that could improve a fans understanding of the games to come or help a fantasy baseball player find a useful player where they may not have before. 

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MLB Series Preview Team Matchups

Team records reflect how a certain team has played over the course of the season. In the MLB however, they do not always tell the whole story. Pitching matchups are the most important part to any good MLB series preview. For many baseball teams, when their ace is starting, they expect to win that day. Starting pitching matchups play a very large role in determining the outcome of a game. So, while teams like the Yankees should beat up consistently on teams like the Tigers, a good starting pitcher can even the scales. 


Baseball, like every other sport, is a random game. However, individual players can have a much greater effect on a single game in the other three major sports (football, basketball, hockey). Baseball players can go 4-4 with three extra-base hits in a loss one day and go 0-5 with four strikeouts in a win the next. To casual fans, these instances can appear random but a good series preview can show stats as to why a certain player may struggle or have success in the upcoming series. 

MLB Series Preview Player Matchups

Success in fantasy sports is all about finding value. In fantasy baseball, there is no greater value than stacking your lineup with hitters from a certain team if they’re facing a poor starting pitcher. Likewise, if a weak lineup is on the cards for a star pitcher, he will provide a greater value than normal. 

A good MLB series preview should also include any streaks that players are on. If a player has been on fire for over a week, they could also provide more value for fantasy players. An often-used stat for MLB hitters is their lifetime stats against the pitcher they are set to face. Some hitters just have a certain pitcher’s number or vice versa. Ballpark adjustments will also contribute to a player’s success. 


When you play fantasy sports, successfully finding value in players in a given week or a given day is crucial to winning. But with 30 teams and 162 games, it is near impossible for someone to know everything about every series going on in the MLB. For this reason, MLB series previews can be a very useful tool when deciding on your statements. 

MLB Fantasy Sports

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