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An NBA game day preview is not only a helpful tool, but an essential asset for finding success in fantasy basketball.

What is an NBA Game Day Preview?

In summary, a game day preview breaks down the matchup between two teams that are set to play. Although an average NBA fan can feel fairly confident in their understanding of the teams playing, a game day preview offers important stats in a condensed report that a fan might not have the time or ability to individually consider.

Although a game day preview appears fairly self-explanatory, there are important details within each report that illustrate more advantageous statements. If you know exactly what to look for, you are far more likely to success. So, as a participant in fantasy sports, let’s breakdown exactly what you should be looking for.

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NBA Game Day Preview Team Matchups

It might seem like just looking at a team’s record should be enough to determine how they will do on a given night. However, basketball fans know that matchups can be much more nuanced than that. So, what exactly should you be looking for about team matchups in a good NBA game day preview?

Don’t get me wrong, a team’s record can give you some insights on their performance. For instance, if the Lakers or Bucks are playing a sub .500 team, there’s a good chance that information can lead you to a fairly good NBA game day prediction.


On the other hand, intangibles cannot be underestimated. An example would be when DeMar DeRozan made his return to Toronto after being traded to the San Antonio Spurs. The Raptors were excellent on their home court last season, but a good NBA game day preview would illustrate how betrayed DeRozan felt about having been traded.

These intangibles can breakdown even the finest detail. For instance, DeRozan can occasionally get a certain look in his eye that says he’s about to have a standout game. In this example, DeRozan led his team past the Raptors who only lost 10 games at home all season.

NBA Game Day Preview Player Matchups

More surface-level information that might be useful is how the players involved have been individually performing over the past few games. Are they on a tear? Maybe they’ve been struggling and are due for a bounce-back game. In some instances, that can be enough information to pick more reliable statements.

One player’s performance isn’t always enough information however. What if the player guarding them on the other team is a historically bad matchup for them? But also, the player you’re thinking of picking is having a career season. Those kinds of NBA game day preview details can make it difficult to make a pick. In the context of fantasy sports, you might want to avoid picking statements that involve that player at all, instead opting to focus on other players or team stats.


The other extreme could also be true. Maybe a player that is fairly mediocre on average has one or two players or team matchups where they just always seem to go off. If you follow any NBA team closely, surely you can think of a player or two who always seems to over-perform against your team.

When you’re participating in any kind of fantasy sports, the ability to make educated guesses as to how a certain player or team may perform on a given night, and especially in a given matchup, is crucial. Unfortunately, as much as we love the NBA, many of us simply don’t have the extra time to devote to that education. I mean, we are talking about 30 teams, 82 games, and 450 players. That’s why utilizing an NBA game day preview can be an extremely useful tool when deciding on your statements.

NBA Fantasy Sports

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