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December 15, 2018
By StatementGames Team

StatementGames Inc. Values Your Feedback!

StatementGames Inc. values your feedback!  We continue to capture your comments and use them to improve www.statementgames.com.  Thank You for all your feedback and please continue to contact us via e-mail / marketing at statementgames dot com should you have any comments or questions.  From your feedback – recent notifications & announcements to the StatementGames Inc. Gaming System!

  1. For those who MANAGE PRIVATE / CUSTOM tournaments – you will notice a feature that NOW gives you the ability to remove participants.
  2. Moving forward – for the StatementGames Inc. gaming system to reward experiences & prizes, ALL contests will require at least 6 participants.  (Lobby Or Private)
  3. Should a contest not reach at least 6 participants, your entry coins will be refunded.
  4. Why are 6 participants required?  StatementGames Inc. is looking to deploy VERSION 1 of our SHOP in Q1 of 2019.  The shop will give members the ability to exchange COINS for gift cards & products.   Products from the brands that you KNOW & LOVE!  As a result, your ability to acquire coins just got a little more competitive.
  5. With the upcoming deployment of our SHOP – our ability to reward NEW members with 60 coins upon sign up will soon expire.   Refer a friend today!
  6. Since coins will soon be exchangeable for tangible prizes – Log into your account and build your COIN BALANCE!

Want To WIN FREE New York Islanders Vs New York Rangers Tickets?

As we move through December – we will be giving away even MORE event tickets!   Want to WIN January 10, 2019 New York Islanders Vs New York Rangers Tickets?  (Madison Square Garden)  Contest running right NOW!   To enter:

  • Follow @StatementGames on Facebook Or Twitter
  • Enter today’s Detroit Red Wings Vs New York Islanders Contest on www.statementgames.com.
  • Screenshot your picks and post them on Social Media
  • Within your post… tag 2 Friends

Happy Holidays!!!!