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February 15, 2019
By Adrian Reyes

Betting on Fantasy Sports amongst friends has never been more easy and more fun than with StatementGames Create a Contest

There are numerous ways to gamble on sporting events. Whether it’s through fantasy sports leagues, sports betting apps, casinos, etc. There are so many different ways to make the sports we watch more compelling. With StatementGames, we do it differently. We take OVER/UNDER prop bets and have you choose your 10 most confident choices out of the group and rank them from 10(being your most confident pick) to 1(being your least confident). You get the gist. Not rocket science but not as easy as it seems. I mean it is sports. Anything can happen. Whether you are a new user or someone who has been playing StatementGames for a while, we have all had that confident pick that we just knew was going to hit and then the world comes crashing down and it doesn’t. It happens to the best of us.

But that’s what makes Fantasy Sports so exhilarating. And wouldn’t it be even more fun to do this among a group of friends? Fantasy sports leagues are one of the most popular trends in the world these days but with us here at StatementGames, we don’t make you wait the whole season to see who wins. All it takes is one game. Whether you and your friends want to bet on the Super Bowl or a random Knicks/76ers game on a Wednesday night, you can create your own StatementGames tournament separate from the others on the site. Your group can compete for additional coins to play additional games and work your way up the Leaderboard to win prizes like gift cards and merchandise.

Playing Fantasy Sports With Friends

My friends and I do at least 2 created tournaments every month. This month we had the Super Bowl and WWE’s Elimination Chamber PPV. We are all wrestling fans and it’s just another thing for us to do together once a month when the WWE has a big show. We all think we know more than the other about the WWE (It’s definitely me and if you ever meet me in person, I can prove it). In addition to playing for coins, we sometimes each throw in $5 to $10 bucks each and winner takes all. It’s especially easy to do these days with apps like Venmo and PayPal. Like I said before, there are so many ways to bet on sports/sports entertainment these days.

Creating a tournament on the StatementGames website couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • If you have an account, login and if you don’t, signing up only takes about a minute. (Also when you sign up, you receive 60 free Coins to play games with and if you run out, you can always buy more at different increments and prices.)
  • Once you are logged in, hit the Create Contest button on the main page of the site. (That page will show all the current and upcoming tournaments that have already been created for anyone with enough coins to join. Always remember to check daily to see how many coins you have so you can play as many games as possible.}
  • After hitting the Create Contest button, you have options to choose:
    • Selecting the League in which the game you want to play is in. (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL)
    • Selecting the Actual Tournament/Game you want to play
    • Selecting the Contest Size meaning how many participants (8, 10, 12)
    • Selecting the Entry Fee (5 or 10 Coins)
    • Make a name for your Created Contest
    • Then hit Create Contest
    • From here, you invite your friends. If they have a StatementGames Username or email address, just type it in or you can share your link via text message as well.
    • Now just make your picks and rank them 10 through 1 and submit them.
    • Then just sit back and relax(?) and watch the game and see who comes out on top!

Creating a Tournament at the end of the day is just another way to have fun among friends while watching a big game or making Game 62 of the NBA season much more interesting. And moving forward we will be adding more features to StatementGames even better for our users.