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Social Sports Gaming Company, StatementGames Inc. Raises 500K In Start-Up Capital.

StatementGames Inc., a sports media company and inventors of a “Social Gaming” platform announced that as the 2019 calendar year came to an end, the company officially closed 500K USD in Start-Up capital as part of an initial Angel / Friends & Family Round.  The capital raised was allocated towards the initial development of

With the funding, core accomplishments the company was able to achieve included:

  1. Platform stability
  2. Mobile (Mobile WEB, iOS Application & Android Application are now core components to the company’s platform.)
  3. Data Architecture
  4. Marketing Automation

More information on the company can be found HERE while past media coverage can be found HERE.  With a unique value proposition and interesting market conditions, StatementGames Inc. is adamant that they are well positioned for growth.

What Is Next For StatemenGames Inc. – 2020 SEED Capital

StatementGames Inc. is now exploring 2MM SEED Capital opportunities.

“It’s an exciting space,” said Marc Saulino, CEO / Founder. “Our platform resonates strongly within a marketplace that is flux with opportunity.  StatementGames Inc. grows organically on a daily basis and our retention rate is strong.  With the completion of our data architecture and marketing automation program… we plan on capturing hundreds of thousands of data points and leveraging them in areas of acquisition MKTG, retention MKTG and affiliate sales.”

“With a raise of 2MM in SEED Capital the company plans on deploying 500K in year 1 and 750K in year two towards acquisition marketing.  We already have data showing our cost per acquisition to be around $10 per subscriber.  With the strategic systems and processes we have in place – the company can confidently show SEED investors how marketing capital is maximized in a way that drives sponsorship revenue, end user and affiliate sales,” said Saulino.

About StatementGames Inc.

Featured on outlets such as ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC… StatementGames Inc. is a sports media company and sports social gaming inventor.  The invented game is currently Patent Pending and FREE to play.  Members of StatementGames play games by selecting and rank prop-statements related to individual sporting events.  They compete for platform credits which can be exchanged for REWARDS.

More Investor information on StatementGames Inc. including company Pitch Deck, Financial Projections, Cap Table, allocations of funds report, etc. is available to accredited investors who submit an e-mail directly to marketing at statementgames dot com.