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March 30, 2018
By StatementGames Team


Medford, NY (March 30, 2018) – As part of its growth strategy, StatementGames LLC, a new and unique, non-money online fantasy sports platform, announced today a strategic partnership with Glovelast, maker of plastic golf glove inserts, as a non-cash prize that can be awarded to winners as they participate in daily and weekly online StatementGames contests.

“The StatementGames community are innovators and enjoy the competition our product offers – including the bragging rights that go along with winning. Giving them the opportunity to take home non-cash prizes is an added bonus,” said StatementGames CEO Marc Saulino. “Our data shows that many of our members are also avid golfers, so a partnership with Glovelast makes sense for us.”

Made in the USA, Glovelast is a patent-pending plastic golf glove insert designed by Adam Hollis, for right- or left-handed golfers, that are used after a round of golf to protect and lengthen the life of expensive leather golf gloves. Hollis created Glovelast after experiencing the frustration of discovering a golf glove he needed for a round balled up and unusable at the bottom of his golf bag.


“Glovelast is excited to work with StatementGames – aligning two unique products that put sports fans first,” said Adam Hollis, CEO of Glovelast. “As a new golf accessory in its launch phase, Glovelast wanted to partner with StatementGames to bring rewarding value to users of the platform and put our product in the hands of people who will use it and love it.”

About StatementGames

StatementGames LLC has a new take on fantasy sports.  Our non-money tournaments afford an opportunity to test sports knowledge by selecting and ranking prop-statements on the game being played in addition to the players involved. Review a pre-defined list of statements and select 10. Then rank your statements from (10) most confident choice to (1).  www.statemengames.com is changing the way fans watch sporting events.

About Glovelast

Glovelast – Thompsons Station, TN has a patent pending product that helps preserve golf gloves.  GLOVELAST ™ is manufactured in the USA with strict quality control.  Please direct press inquiries to team@glovelast.com.


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