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February 1, 2018
By Ralph Costanza

How Philadelphia Eagles Are Feeling About Upcoming Super Bowl

If one was wondering how the Philadelphia Eagles may be feeling about their upcoming appearance in this year’s Super Bowl, one would have to look no further than the Eagles last Super Bowl appearance when, according to legend, their quarterback, Donavan McNabb, literally threw up in the middle of the game, on the field, in front of half of his team. Their opponent that day was Tom Brady’s New England Patriots.  And if you are wondering if Tom Brady is really capable of bestowing that type of fear into opponent’s,  look no further than the Patriots comeback against the Atlanta Falcons in last year’s Super Bowl, perhaps the greatest single-game comeback in the history of sports. A game in which the entire Falcons team, from coaches to players, had a comprehensive nervous breakdown, blowing a 28-3 halftime lead to eventually lose the game in overtime.  Total mental collapse.  It was real.  We all saw it.  Brady and Belichick. Studs.

But all of that aside, neither game mentioned above has anything to do with this upcoming game.  The Eagles are not really AFRAID of playing the Patriots, that’s just ridiculous.  Some jitters? A touch anxious?  Maybe.  But there is one thing that IS guaranteed for this game, and that is the fact that no matter how mentally prepared the Eagles are for this game, they are not AS prepared as Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. They can’t be.  And that is always the advantage the Patriots carry into the Super Bowl, and that usually is the difference.  It’s also why even a 25-point lead with less than a half to play is not safe. Nothing is safe.  No team is safe.  Brady and Belichick will figure it out, even if they don’t get the win, and they will make you squirm.  That is just the personality of this football team and why there are currently five headstones marked with Brady victims in the Super Bowl graveyard.  Currently.

The New England Patriots Keeps The NFL In Check

Obviously we’ve all heard the rhetoric about the Patriots being cheaters or how the Patriots get every call in a game, or how the NFL is somehow “fixed” to favor this team, but the truth is really that the New England Patriots are the only team in the league that is keeping every other team honest. They make sure their opponent’s absolutely EXHAUST themselves preparing, in the film room, in the gym, studying playbooks and tendencies simply for a chance that they may find the slightest advantage that will result in a chance to actually beat them.  And even after all of that, even if those teams are lucky enough to find the smallest crack or the tiniest flaw,  Belichick and Brady can sniff that out, make adjustments and beat you anyway. A bend-but- not- break titanium, hammer rod.  Can the Eagles win on Sunday?  Sure they can. But they need all things football to go their way.  And make no mistake, in the two weeks they have had to prepare, they better not have taken a minute off.

Super Bowl 52 Prediction For www.statementgames.com

So, when someone asked me my prediction for this game, I could only think of what Clubber Lang said in Rocky III when asked his prediction for his fight again Rocky. “Pain”.  That’s it.  And as much as many of you think the Eagles have a chance to win here, a notion I find more cute then logical, I just don’t see the Nick Foles-led Eagles being victorious over the NFL’s greatest Dynasty.  Sorry haters, but if the Patriots were indeed able to create a puke induced stomach seizure against a far superior quarterback than Foles, or send an entire NFL franchise into a brain-hemorrhaged panic attack with almost a 4 TD lead, I am pretty certain that the Brady/Belichick regime will roll on Sunday.

Patriots 31
Eagles 14

Prop Picks:
Brady OVER 280.5 passing yds
Pats OVER 26.5 points
Zac Ertz OVER 5.5 recpts
Ajayi or Blount OVER 0.5 TD


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