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February 12, 2018
By @StatementGames

NYY Sports Talk & StatementGames LLC Team Up And Form Marketing Partnership!

The New York Yankees are the greatest franchise in sports history.  Twenty-Seven World Series titles is worthy of such adulation.  And now the ultimate source for the Bronx Bombers NYY Sports Talk (https://www.nyysportstalk.com/) has teamed up with Start-up fantasy sports provider StatementGames LLC (www.statementgames.com) in areas of marketing.   Details of the partnership will be further disclosed as the 2018 MLB season evolves but with the partnership in place the two organizations will work with one another aggressively in areas of Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing & Sponsorship’s.

“StatementGames LLC has been successful in launching our NEW – patent pending sports game to NFL, NBA & NHL enthusiasts.  Our growing community eagerly anticipates the MLB version of www.statementgames.com.  Content Marketing is a big part of the organizations strategy.  Our community loves to compete in our game and are active in seeking content that will aid in their performance within StatementGames Tournaments.  Teaming up with NYY Sports Talk will give our members the competitive insight they seek while keeping them informed on all things YANKEES.  The partnership is nothing short of a HOME RUN!”  (StatementGames LLC CEO – Marc Saulino)

“We are proud to be able to align our brand with StatmentGames LLC – their product is truly innovative yet simple.  We have big plans the are truly beneficial to both brands.”  (Chris Stacy – NYY Sports Talk)

About NYY Sports Talk & StatementGames LLC

NYY Sports Talk is the go to site for New York Yankee fans.  Offering editorial Yankee content as well as the #1 Yankee podcast through www.nyysportstalk.com.  Please address all media and press inquires to nyysportstalk@gmail.com.

StatementGames LLC has a new take on fantasy sports.  Their game featured on www.statemengames.com is changing the way thousands of fans view sporting events.  Please address all media and press inquires to marketing@statementgames.com


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