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April 20, 2018
By Ramsey Sidawi

StatementGames Unveils Fantasy League For WWE Fans!

Have you ever wanted to be apart of a fantasy league but you or your friends are WWE fans? I have always been jealous when friends have their little NFL Fantasy leagues or Basketball ones and they get to compete with each other. Now finally StatementGames is a site that I can do the same with my wrestling buddies and wanted to share it with you all.

During Wrestlemania weekend, StatementGames launched fantasy wrestling for Wrestlemania 34.  You were given a number of statements to choose from and had to pick 10 to fill out your team. After the event finished, you logged back into the site to see how you fared against 11 other members in your contest. This is something definitely different. I didn’t think fantasy wrestling could exist because of WWE being almost predictable. But guess what? I did not have a perfect card.

On Friday April 27, StatementGames will have its second WWE tournament for the Greatest Royal Rumble event. You should give it try.

Two of the best parts are that it is FREE TO JOIN and you can actually win real prizes. It is a coin based system so just for registering you will receive 60 Coins to play. There is No Obligations or Requirements so you do not have to feel like your signing your life away when making an account. You can also create your own tournament and invite all your friends which is pretty sweet.





  1. No Obligations Or Requirements – Joining StatementGames is complimentary.  They give you 60 COINS just for checking them out!
  2. Compete & WIN!
    • Weekend tournaments allow you to play for gift cards. (Target, Amazon, Google Play, Applebees, Apple, etc.)
    • Gift cards valued from $5 to $20.
    • PLAY as many WEEKDAY Tournaments AS POSSIBLE
      • WEEKDAY games cost 5 coins to enter and as long as you place in 3rd or higher, you win coins. Only 8 members to the contest you play in!
  4. DAILY WHEEL SPIN – They GIVE AWAY coins daily!  The more coins you have the more experiences & prizes you can compete for.
  5. WIN EVENT TICKETS – Compete at a high enough level… you can WIN event tickets!  (MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, WWE etc.!)
  6. LAST BUT NOT LEAST….Wrestling Fans now have their own version of Fantasy Sports

Enjoy, have fun and play against me in the Greastest Royal Rumble event on statementgames.com. And if you’re interested in knowing more about whats going on in the world of wrestling, check me out on rumblingrumors.com


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