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WWE Smackdown preview and predictions for the main segments on episode airing September 11th.

WWE Smackdown Preview & Predictions

When: 8:00 PM ET, Friday, September 11, 2020
Where: Amway Center, Orlando, FL

WWE Smackdown 9/11 Show Preview

Smackdown has continued to feel like the fresher show between itself and Raw and last week’s episode continued that stretch. Jey Uso, yes THAT Jey Uso, will challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at Clash of Champions after shockingly winning the fatal four way number one contenders match. Now is the time to take chances in WWE and this decision is a smart one as it will help elevate Reigns’ new heel persona by putting him up against family. 

But the most shocking moment from last week’s Smackdown was Bayley turning on Sasha Banks. Bayley will speak this week about her heinous attack on her former best friend. Also on this week’s Smackdown, Jeff Hardy will defend the Intercontinental Championship against the man he beat for it, AJ Styles. And on a new edition of the Firefly Fun House, Bray Wyatt will introduce a new member to his kooky gang. 


Bayley Speaks After Her Vicious Attack On Sasha Banks

The breakup of Bayley and Sasha Banks had been building for months when Bayley finally turned on her best friend last week. After losing their rematch to gain back their recently lost Women’s Tag Team Championship, Bayley savagely assaulted Banks. Fans everywhere knew this coming eventually but assumed it would happen when fans were allowed back in arenas. 

Bayley will be live on Smackdown to address her actions last week. I do hope that WWE at least saves the inevitable match between these two for a big event that fans can actually attend. It is arguably the biggest match WWE can deliver at the moment and honestly could probably even headline next year’s Wrestlemania. I’m sure we will get some sense of the direction this story will take on Smackdown but I am very worried WWE will pull the trigger way too early on this match.


Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles – WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Jeff Hardy defeated AJ Styles to win the Intercontinental Championship a few weeks and on this week’s Smackdown, Styles gets his rematch. This should be another good match between the two but don’t expect to have an actual winner in the end. The reason for that has to do with the return of Sami Zayn and his claims that he is still the IC Champion due to him never losing it. He has made it a point in the last two weeks to let everyone know that he still identifies himself as the champion and has been an annoyance to Hardy and Styles. Expect him to be involved in some way during this match with that leading to an eventual triple threat match between the 3 men.

WWE Smackdown 9/11 Predictions

10 PT Pick = In-Ring Promos OVER 3.5 
9 PT Pick = Jeff Hardy VS. AJ Styles UNDER 13:30 MINS
8 PT Pick = Main Event Match Time UNDER 13:30 MINS 

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