Fantasy Sports Entertainment
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Fantasy Sports Is A Form Of Entertainment & Good Health.

We already know that about 40% of the US population identify themselves as sports fans.  Also, according to the Fantasy Sports & Gaming association, about 20% of Americans above the age of 18 participate in a range of Fantasy Sports Games & other forms of Sports Entertainment.  Playing games that connect us with the sports world is FUN!  At one point, many of us have dreamed about competing professionally in leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL.  Beating a rival at the highest level to hoist the Stanley Cup or Lombardi Trophy… now that is entertainment!   

Obtaining an opportunity to compete in sports professionally is a difficult feat. In fact, it is almost impossible.  Despite a strong desire to compete, many of us learned the hard way that we do not possess the talent to become professional athletes.  According to the NCAA, only 2% of student athletes will advance and embark on pro careers.  However, just because a majority of us will never become professional athletes, this does not mean that our desires to COMPETE in sports will waiver.  The point we are making is that a core driver behind why fans are entertained by sports is because of their desire to COMPETE.  The popularity of Fantasy sports is because it gives the non 2% an opportunity to COMPETE.  Competition is good and has proven health benefits. 

Competition Is A Main Driver Of Fantasy Sports

According to Psychology Today, competitive feelings are an indication of what we want. And by acknowledging what we want, we get to know ourselves a little better.  Being competitive can have a negative connotation.  In certain circles, it is synonymous with greed, envy and narcissism.  But feeling competitive isn’t always about climbing the ladder, winning the race or getting ahead. Competitive feelings are completely natural and for passionate sports fan… unavoidable.  So sports fans use video games and fantasy sports as a way to fill such needs. 

Fantasy Sports Entertainment
Fantasy Sports Entertainment

Fantasy Sport Torment – Bringing The Entertainment Factor Back!

Sure, we have outlined how Fantasy Sports is a form of healthy entertainment but it can also be downright torment!  Yes, when your Fantasy Football QB takes a knee when you just need one more completion to WIN is gut wrenching. But there is a bigger story to be told.  When looking at traditional Daily Fantasy Sports providers – did you know that only 1.3% of players WIN 91% of player profits

Lets get one thing straight… tapping into your competitive juices via Fantasy Sports is healthy. But if the result is to only get your ass handed to you on a consistent basis – what is the point?  At StatementGames Inc. we have a goal of bringing the ENTERTAINMENT factor back into fantasy sports.  Our games are FREE to play and the 1-minute overview video found HERE will give you a better understanding of how our game differs from traditional providers.  Although we power a FREE 2 Play model – thousands of cash gift cards waiting to be claimed.  Our games only consist of 8-12 people and when considering you only need to finish in a top 3 spot to WIN… we are offering an alternative outlet that is a little more friendlier to your competitive ego!