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3 Basic Betting Tips That Every Player Should Know

Did you know that over 500K Google queries are performed on the keywords “Betting Tips” & “Sports Betting Tips”.  (Research performed via Google Tools)   A lot of resources are at your disposal.  A healthy portion of these  publishers have tips and tricks that promise riches should their guidance be followed.  Some of these resources are valid while other are 100% Dog Shit!  Should you venture into the arena of sports gaming, here are 3 Sports Betting Tips that you need know: 

Understand The Math 

  • Do The Math – You do not need to be a rocket scientist nor have a degree in quantum physics.  However, you do need to understand basic sports wagering mathematics.  Comprehending the meaning behind betting lines – odds for the NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL is a core component to becoming a successful sports gambler.  Understanding odds assists in determining your Risk Vs Reward.  Several key terms that one should be aware of but since we are starting with the basics: 

Plus (+) & Minus (-) = With most bets that you make, regardless if you are wagering with a traditional retail casino or on-line sports book there will be a (+) or (-) symbol next to the wager you are deciding on.  Lets take a closer look at these symbols and what they stand for.  As an example, let’s assume you are exploring the option of wagering $100 on a Green Bay Packers Vs Chicago Bears game.  In looking at this game you see:

Green Bay Packers (-) 2.5 at (-110) – If you are wagering on the Green Bay Packers, this line is telling you that in order to WIN… the Green Bay Packers must defeat the Chicago Bears by a margin that is greater than 2.5 points.  It is also telling you that you will also need to wager $110 in order to WIN $100. 

Chicago Bears (+) 2.5 at (-110) – By wagering on the Chicago Bears, this line is informing you that in order to WIN… the Chicago Bears must defeat the Green Bay Packers or NOT lose by a margin greater than 2.5 points.  As with the example above, this is also telling you that you will need to wager $110 in order to WIN $100. 

The (-110) number is representing the commission the sportsbook is taking for providing you with an outlet to wager.  Commissions are often referred to as “Juice” or “Vig” (short for vigorish).  All betters should have the figure of 52.38% in the back of their minds.  In order to become a successful sports gambler you will need to win 52.38% of your bets just to break even.

Betting Tips Two & Three 

  • Tell Your Friend To Go To Hell – We mean this in the nicest way possible.  Has a friend ever lectured you to never bet on your favorite sports team?  We beg to differ with those offering this type of advice.  It is not a good idea to place emotional wagers but there are benefits to betting on the team you root for.  We are strong advocates on betting on what you know and the odds are… you know more about the team your root for than other teams.  If you see value wager the team you root for – go for it!
  • Look For Value –  The standard definition of a value bet is one where the probability of a given outcome is greater than the bookmakers odds reflect.  When value betting you are wagering on events that have a larger chance of winning than implied by the bookmaker odds. (Provided by www.rebelbetting.com)  The definition is easier said than done.  What gets lost in translation with betters is that VALUE is what you deem it to be.  StatementGames detailed information on value betting can be found HERE.   

Sports Betting Tips
Sports Betting Tips

Sports Betting Practice Makes Perfect 

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