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WWE Money In The Bank preview and predictions for both Money In The Bank matches airing May 10th.

WWE Money In The Bank Preview & Predictions

When: 7:00 PM ET, Sunday, May 10, 2020
Where: WWE Performance Center, Orlando, FL and WWE Headquarters, Stamford, CT
TV: WWE Network

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WWE Money In The Bank Show Preview

The Money In The Bank(MITB) pay per view is finally here and wrestling fans everywhere are excited. Although the world is going through some tough times, WWE has been able to provide a getaway as they have not missed a show since the coronavirus pandemic started. Money In The Bank was originally scheduled to be held in Baltimore, MD. Now, most matches will be held at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. The 2 MITB matches will take place at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT. 

The MITB matches taking place at WWE Headquarters is why fans are so excited. Instead of JUST climbing a ladder and grabbing the championship contract, now participants will start on the ground floor of WWE Headquarters and have to make their way to the roof, where the MITB contracts will be suspended above a ring on top of the building. From there, they will have to climb a ladder to try and grab the contract. Also unique about of the MITB matches is that both will occur at the SAME TIME.

Also on this night, the WWE Championship will be defended when Drew McIntyre puts his title on the line against Seth Rollins. On the Smackdown side,  Universal Champion Braun Strowman goes one on one with former master, Bray Wyatt. Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley defends her title against the imposing Tamina. And The Smackdown Tag Team Titles will be up for grabs when The New Day defends the straps against Miz & Morrison, The Forgotten Sons, and Lucha House Party in a fatal four way match.

Men’s Money In The Bank Match

The great thing about the Men’s MITB match is that all its participants have a legit shot of winning the match. Each man has a storyline reason for winning the match and each one makes sense. AJ Styles, who just returned after his Wrestlemania loss to the Undertaker, is in need of a big win while also being a logical challenger for WWE Champion Drew McIntyre down the road. Aleister Black is one of the hottest stars on Raw and has yet to get that big win in his young WWE career. He has been a dominating force and big fan favorite. Rey Mysterio has competed in his fair share of MITB matches in the past yet he has never won one. It is one of the few accomplishments the future Hall Of Famer has yet to achieve.

From Smackdown, Otis has been one of the most entertaining acts this year and it is because of this he has a shot at the MITB contract. King Corbin is one of the top heels in the company so he’s always a logical choice. He has also won the MITB match before. And fan favorite Daniel Bryan has a MITB match victory as well under his resume so he is another superstar with a logical shot at winning.

With both main champions on Raw and Smackdown being babyfaces at the moment, it seems like a heel would have to win this match. AJ Styles is the top heel in this match AND possibly the biggest star in this match. He just returned this week for a reason and it seems that reason will be to win the Men’s MITB match.

Women’s Money In The Bank Match

Unlike the Men’s MITB match, there are only a few credible challengers in the women’s match. Nia Jax returned the night after Wrestlemania and has been a dominant force ever since. She has prior history with Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch, so that feud makes sense. Shayna Baszler also has unfinished business with Lynch so she is another credible winner for this match. She was dominant last time she competed against 5 other women so this match is right up her alley.  And in the age of no-fan shows, Asuka has become a star again on Raw. She was once a dominant superstar and a win here could put her back in that conversation.

Smackdown’s 3 participants are not close to as strong as the Raw competitors for Women’s MITB match. Dana Brooke and Carmella have only recently been used on TV in a meaningful way and are not championship caliber at the moment. Lacey Evans had her time to shine last year and it wasn’t really that eventful. The Smackdown Women’s division is about two women right now and that’s champion Bayley and her partner, Sasha Banks. It looks like it will continue that way through the summer months. 

So this match comes down to Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Asuka. All have prior history with Becky Lynch and cashing in a MITB contract has always leaned towards being a heel move, which all 3 of these women are. I think Baszler takes home the contract and eventually cashes in on Becky Lynch to become Raw Women’s Champion. 

WWE Money In The Bank 5/10/2020 Predictions

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