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Fantasy Sports Operator & Sports Media Company Partnership

Sports MediaGaming Newsletter – Fantasy Sports Operator StatementGames Inc. and Sports Media outlet The Lead Sports Media, LLC have partnered.  As a result of  the partnership, StatementGames Inc. will provide its membership base with premium NBA content powered by The Lead Sports Media.  In return The Lead Sports will create basketball content around a different from of Fantasy Basketball powered by StatementGames.  Both organizations will also benefit from a simple SEO back linking strategy.

“The Lead Sports Media (TLSM) is very excited to open a new partnership with Statement Games, an outstanding outlet for fantasy sports. This will be a great opportunity to grow two unique and upcoming brands in the sport industry.”  (TLSM CEO – Eric Peterson)

About StatementGames Fantasy Sports & The Lead Sports Media 

Sports Media StatementGames Inc unites sports fans through a FREE 2 Play sports gaming platform.  A gaming platform that combines Fantasy Sports with Prop betting.  The one-minute overview video found at provides an overview of how the platform is positioned.  For their innovation they have been highlighted on major networks.  Examples include networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC.  Please address media and press inquires to marketing at statementgames dot com.

TLSM is an NBA network that has covered all 30 teams in the National Basketball Association since 2014. Because of their premium work, they have appeared on Bleacher Report and other well trafficked locations.

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