Pittsburgh Steelers
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Fantasy Football Operator Give Steeler Fans An Opportunity To WIN FREE NFL Tickets.

StatementGames Fantasy Football and The Around The 412 Podcast have teamed up and created a partnership.  As a result of the partnership, the companies will work with one another in giving away FREE Pittsburgh Steelers tickets.  In order to win the tickets fans will need to compete in a friendly form of fantasy football.  The games offered to fans will be FREE 2 Play and will take place over the course of three NFL weeks.

  1. Carolina Panthers Vs Pittsburgh Steelers 11/8/2018
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Jacksonville Jaguars 11/18/2018
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Denver Broncos 11/25/2018

Everyone who participants will have an opportunity to win 2 FREE NFL TICKETS.  (12/02 Los Angeles Chargers Vs Pittsburgh Steelers – Heinz Field.)  Ticket winners will receive their prize electronically 24 hours prior to the game.

“AroundThe412 is thrilled to have the opportunity to partner up with StatementGames. They provide a unique twist on fantasy sports and we like to think we provide a unique twist on Pittsburgh sports coverage.  We thank them for this opportunity and look forward to partnering up more in the future.“  (Zach Smith, Co-Founder of Around the 412)

About StatementGames Fantasy Sports & AroundThe412

Pittsburgh SteelersStatementGames Inc unites sports fans through a FREE 2 Play sports gaming platform.  A gaming platform that combines Fantasy Sports with Prop betting.  The one-minute overview video found at www.statemengames.com provides an overview of how the platform is positioned.  Because of their innovation they have been highlighted on major networks.  Examples include networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC.  Please address media and press inquires to marketing at statementgames dot com.

AroundThe412 is a weekly Pittsburgh Steelers sports podcast.  The hosts of the podcast chat Steelers football and other Pittsburgh sports related topics.  Fans can download the podcast from their favorite distributor such as Google Play.  Give the podcast a try for all your Pittsburgh sports entertainment needs.

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