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StatementGames Gaming Newsletter – Marketing Partnership Formed With NYY Sports Talk

Gaming NewsletterStatementGames Gaming Newsletter post – Creation of a marketing partnership with NYY Sports Talk.

Details of the partnership will be defined during the 2018 MLB season.   As a result of the partnership, the two organizations will work with one another aggressively in areas of Search Engine Optimization & Content Marketing.

“We are proud to align our brand with StatmentGames.  Their product is innovative and simple.  With the partnership we have an opportunity to get creative with how we engage our podcast listeners.”  (Chris Stacy – NYY Sports Talk)

Gaming Newsletter – About NYY Sports Talk & StatementGames

NYY Sports Talk is the go to site for New York Yankee fans.  Offering editorial Yankee content as well as the #1 Yankee podcast through www.nyysportstalk.com.  Please address all media and press inquires to nyysportstalk@gmail.com.

StatementGames Inc unites sports fans through a FREE 2 Play gaming platform that combines Fantasy Sports with Prop Gaming.  The one-minute overview video found at www.statemengames.com provides an overview of how the platform is positioned.  Please address media and press inquires to marketing at statementgames dot com.

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