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Fantasy Sports Players Can Redeem StatementGames Credits For CASH Rewards

StatementGames Inc. and Tango Card announce a partnership to deliver e-gift cards as a redemption option for players.  As a result of the partnership the StatementGames fantasy sports community is further motivated to compete for platform credits.  These credits can now be exchanged for CASH REWARDS.  Thousands of dollars in cash rewards can be claimed from national retailers such ase Nike, Amazon, Xbox and more.

The REWARDS program has taken immediate affect.

Tango Card Director of Marketing Scotty Greenburg adds, “We look forward to supporting the growth of StatementGames.  They are providing an enjoyable risk-free Fantasy Sports experience.  The experience they provide is a perfect fit for our gift card and loyalty programs.”

About StatementGames & Tango Card

Pittsburgh SteelersStatementGames Inc unites sports fans through a FREE 2 Play sports gaming platform.  A gaming platform that combines Fantasy Sports with Prop betting.  The one-minute overview video found at www.statemengames.com provides an overview of how the platform is positioned.  Because of their innovation they have been highlighted on major networks.  Examples include networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC.  Please address media and press inquires to marketing at statementgames dot com.

Tango Card is the leader in fulfilling digital rewards and incentives. They have offices in Seattle, Boise and Omaha.  Their Reward Delivery Platform supports thousands of enterprise clients.  For more information, visit www.tangocard.com.

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