Fantasy Basketball
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History of Fantasy Basketball

We spent a good deal of time researching the origins of Fantasy Basketball.  As it turns out the history of fantasy basketball takes its roots from Fantasy baseball! Sportswriter Daniel Okrent and his friends came up with the idea to create a fantasy baseball league in 1980. Years later, fantasy basketball emerged along with the advent of the Internet.

From a Fantasy NBA perspective, several online gaming platforms like ESPN helped to evolve the game.  NBA & Basketball fans worldwide engage with the sport in the same way fans do with fantasy football, baseball, hockey, etc. Participants join leagues or games in which they become a fictional basketball General Manager (GM).  Each GM will draft a team that usually consist of 10-12 players.  As NBA games are played, the statistical performance of players drafted are transformed into Fantasy Basketball points.  For example, drafted players can earn points for points scored, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals.  GM’s compete against other GM’s and the individual with the most fantasy points WINS.       

Different Fantasy leagues have different scoring systems so before joining, make sure you have taken the time to review how points are accumulated.  As you review league rules and regulations, you are going to find that rotisserie or roto leagues are the most common.

Common Scoring System Used in Fantasy Basketball

In standard fantasy sports, the “rotisserie” scoring system are the most common scoring systems used by league commissioners.  Players are awarded points for the following: 

  • 3-Point Field Goals = 3 Points   
  • 2-Point Field Goals = 2 Points
  • Free Throws Made = 1 Point
  • Rebounds = 1.2 Points
  • Assists = 1.5 Points
  • Blocked Shots = 2 Points
  • Steals: 2 Points
  • Turnovers: -1 Points

Regardless of the format of your league you will find a straightforward scoring system like the one described above.  Many fans find that the traditional fantasy basketball scoring format is easier to follow than the formats of the NFL, MLB & NHL. 

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Regardless of how you choose to enjoy fantasy basketball, in this section of StatementGames you can expect to find great basketball content.  We will be giving you gaming tips, insights, league news and much more.  Our insiders will be walking you through sports gaming trends that will assist you in competing in various forms of gaming and DFS.  Best of luck in dominating your league!