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WWE Raw preview and predictions for the main segments airing August 24th.

WWE Raw Preview & Predictions

When: 8:00 PM ET, Monday, August 24, 2020
Where: Amway Center, Orlando, FL
TV: USA Network

WWE Raw 8/24 Show Preview

This week’s edition of Monday Night Raw has a lot going for it as it is the first one in the new WWE ThunderDome, the first after Summerslam, and the last before the Payback event in 6 days. There is a ton of that needs to go into Raw but lucky for them, they have 3 hours to do it.

At Summerslam, WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, successfully defended his title against Randy Orton. Raw Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks, however lost her championship to Asuka. Apollo Crews and the Street Profits also successfully retained their titles in their respective matches. The last Raw match from Summerslam featured the in-ring debut of Dominik Mysterio. Although he put up a great fight, in the end he lost to Seth Rollins. Oddly enough, Retribution did not make an appearance at Summerslam but expect them to be back Monday night.

As for the upcoming Payback event, it has already been announced that the WWE Women Tag Team Champions, Bayley & Sasha Banks, will be defending their titles. We will find out their challengers on Raw. I’m sure we will see some matches from Summerslam take place again at Payback due to the short time between shows. Also on Raw, Aleister Black will make his return on a new edition of “The KO Show.” Lastly, the former NXT Champion, Keith Lee, will be making his highly anticipated Raw debut this week. 


Who Will Challenge Bayley & Sasha Banks At Payback?

Since becoming WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Bayley & Sasha Banks have beaten every KNOWN women’s tag team in the WWE. So I am very curious to see who they will face at Payback in 6 days. At Summerslam, Banks helped Bayley retain the Smackdown Women’s Championship, Bayley failed to do the same and Banks lost her Raw Women’s title to Asuka. 

A feud between Bayley and Banks has been in the works for a long time and it is assumed it was pushed off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That worked out in WWE’s favor as Bayley and Sasha Banks have arguably been the MVPs of the company since the pandemic started. They have upped their game and become must-see TV. But now it looks like it is time for them to split up. So whoever ends up going up against the champs at Payback, expect for them to become the new Women’s Tag Team Champions. 


Aleister Black Returns on The KO Show!

Most people know that Alesiter Black has all the tools to be a HUGE star in the WWE. He has a great look, amazing entrance, fantastic move-set, and is a little mysterious. In NXT, he was one of their biggest stars and at one point, he was the NXT Champion. When he was moved over to Raw, it seemed like the minds behind the scenes were building him up to be a big star. But recently, they have pulled back on that push for unknown reasons and Black has felt like just another guy. Then he was written off TV after an attack by Seth Rollins and Murphy.

Now Black is returning and will be a guest on “The KO Show.” This is very intriguing because it means WWE plans on giving Black a purpose for the first time in months. But what could that be? Do they plan on putting him in a program with Kevin Owens, which means he would be turning heel? I think that would be a mistake since Black is a fan favorite and WWE has yet to take advantage of that. A lot of eyes will be on this segment as fans have been wanting something of substance for Black and now it seems like they will get their wish. But sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.

WWE Raw 8/24 Predictions

10 PT Pick = Show Will End With A PROMO
9 PT Pick = In-Ring Promos OVER 4.5
8 PT Pick = Sasha Banks OVER 2.5 Appearances

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