Fantasy Sports
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Sorts Gaming Overview 

Fantasy sports is a multi billion dollar industry.  Games centered around Football, Baseball, Basketball & Hockey evolved as technology grew.  The internet has made it easier for fans to connect with sports.  Therefore it has also made it easier for fans to engage with sports gaming products.  Fantasy Football is the industries main driver but all major sports now generate significant revenue from the gaming industry.   Revenue is arrived in the form of entry fees, league manager services, content subscription services, etc. 

A closer look at WHY fans are drawn to sports games.    

Four Reasons Why Fans Are Drawn To Fantasy Sports

  1. Competition – Regardless of age sports fans value competition.  Competition is the backbone of our society.   Sports games give fans an opportunity to compete in a structured way.  Reports show how  structure competition is good for our Mental Health.  
  2. Community –  Playing games involves a community.  You are playing games against family, friends, peers, etc.  As a result, fantasy sports gives fans the ability to engage and interact with others.   According to science, healthy engagement & camaraderie is good.    
  3. Victory! – The thrill of VICTORY!  As the saying goes, opinions are like (expletive).  Everyone has one and they all stink!  With Fantasy Sports we have an opportunity to demonstrate how our opinions are in fact a stroke of genius!  We get an opportunity to turn our sports opinions into VICTORY!  
  4. FUN – When all is said and done, it is just a game.  Sports games are meant to be FUN.  They provide a welcomed break from the daily grind of the REAL world.  

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