Value Betting
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The ability to identify an advantage against the HOUSE makes you a VALUE Bettor!

Value Betting Overview Generate Stronger Statistical Opportunities for Themselves

With Value Betting the objective is to place bets that have a larger chance of winning.  It means that you have an edge over the HOUSE and in the long run, these types of strategic wagers will lead to greater profits.  What gets lost in translation with novice players exploring Value Betting is that VALUE is what the player deems it to be.

For example, assume a Value Bettor is analyzing NBA games and comes across an OVER / UNDER Boston Celtics Vs Los Angeles Lakers game total of line of 244.5.  The player likes the OVER as a possible play.  In comparing the 244.5 number against a handful of sportsbooks, it looks as if this line is standard.  However, an odd discrepancy is discovered.  One bookmaker is showing a line of 247.5 instead of the industry average of 244.5.  This 3-point difference represents VALUE.  Players who strategically seek VALUE opportunities generate stronger statistical opportunities for themselves.  Here is real life example of this happening in Soccer game between Manchester City and Chelsea.              

Within the gaming industry there are a number of Value Betting services that players can access.  TrademateSports is a resource that we trust.  They assist players in finding Value Bets by notifying their base on odds discrepancies among sportsbooks.  TrademateSports have generated millions in player profits with an average wager ROI of 2.51%.  Take advantage of their one week free trial .

Value Betting

Value Betting, Practice Makes Perfect

Becoming a stronger value bettor takes practice.  Under the pretext that you are analyzing a Boston Celtics (Home Team) Vs Los Angeles Lakers (Visiting Team) game – here are 3 practice steps on becoming a stronger VALUE bettor:

  1. Understand  Value Betting Logic – Value betting is not about whether you think the Lakers can beat the Celtics (Vice Versa).  It’s about the relationship between probability and what odds the bookmaker is offering you.

    Take a coin flip for example, the chances of it landing on Tails is +100.  If you placed $10 on Tails with those odds, over 100,000 bets, you would expect to break-even.

    But, what if someone was offering +110 for it to land on Tails. That is a value bet, because the implied probability of it landing on Tails is a 50/50 chance, but you’re getting even better odds than the probability of it happening.
  2. Long  Run –  You can lose money short-term – Following on from the coin flip example, you would flip the coin 10 times and it could land on heads every time.
    But what if you flip it 1,000 times, or even 100,000 times. The more times you flip the coin, the less chance random variance will effect your results. And this is the exact same way you should approach value betting.

    The more bets you place where you are getting better odds than the implied probability of the game, the better your chances are of not only being profitable, but your profits getting bigger and bigger. Don’t bother with value betting if you can not handle 1 or 2 consecutive losses, place at least 1,000 bets.
  3. Let Trademate Sports Do The Work – Becoming a value bettor is about finding the times when bookmakers price odds inaccurately.  Let Trademate Sports assist you! 

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