Prop Betting
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What is Prop Betting?

Proposition betting is a wager that is made based on the likelihood that something will happen during a sports game. The bet does not have to do with the final outcome of a game. Rather, it is made while an event is happening or before an event has occurred. The majority of prop bets are typically placed on the performance of individual players. However, bets can also be placed on teams. For instance, a fan might bet on which team will be the first to score points during a certain round. Prop betting could also depend on the timeliness and statistics of a game.

This form of betting has been around for decades but became popular during the Super Bowl 20. This game was between the Chicago Bears and New England Patriots. Las Vegas casinos put out a prop bet that William Perry, the defensive tackle for the Bears, would score or not score a touchdown. Perry did, in fact, score one, and casinos lost up to thousands of dollars. It was not long before fantasy sports fans started to adopt this method of betting.

In fantasy sports, prop bets are usually made based on an athlete’s real-on-field stats. Fans like to choose players who have high stats because that will increase their likelihood of winning the bet. Many online gaming platforms create competitions where users have to beat each other based on a fantasy roster. Boom Fantasy allows users to make predictions based on how a player will perform in a game. FastPick, another online gaming platform, allows users to select which two players they believe will score the most fantasy points. The user must choose two players correctly in at least three matchups to earn money.

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Types of Prop Betting

There are different kinds of prop betting. Time-related prop bets are when users wager on how long it will take for players to earn points for their team. The time range usually depends on which online gaming platform users make a bet on. The next kind of prop betting is known as first on the team. Users have to determine which player will be the first to score for their team. They normally choose from a fantasy roster provided by the gaming platform. The third kind of prop betting is known as team point totals, in which users bet on how many points a team will score in the first quarter. Gaming platforms normally provide a margin from which users can choose from. Finally, fans can bet on how they believe that individual players will perform during a game.

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StatementGames With A Unique Twist

StatementGames provides a unique twist to prop betting by allowing users to participate in fantasy sports tournaments. Users can make picks on which players they think will win or lose their prop. The winners are displayed on a leaderboard. The more coins that users receive from the tournaments, the more rewards they are likely to win! Join now!

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