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StatementGames Sports Entertainment – Overview

StatementGames is a sports gaming platform offering an innovative form of Sports Entertainment.    The company has been operating for about a month and could not be happier with our growth process!   Having been featured on outlets such as ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC… the start has been positive.

StatementGames Sports Entertainment Joined By Steve Binger Bingham Of New York Giants Fans Unite!!

Steve Bingham & Harry Carson outside MetLife Stadium.

To help prevent New York Giants Fans from jumping off a bridge… we had an opportunity to sit down and chat with Steve Binger Bingham!  Steve is a diehard NY Giants fan and is the founder of the Facebook Group – New York Giants Fans Unite!!.   The group can be found at   New York Giants Fans Unite!! was founded in August of 2011 and boasts a membership of about 7,000 other crazed fans of the Big Blue Wrecking Crew!    (This years group sure is a “Wrecking Crew” but not necessarily in the manner we were hoping for.)

(StatementGames):  So Steve… I know we can talk for hours on the disappointment of the 2017 NY Giants season but before we get started, why don’t you tell us a little about HOW you became such a big Giants Fan.(Steve):  Thanks for your time Marc!  I do enjoy playing StatementGames and look forward to watching your company grow.  Your game is fun and wish you the best of luck.  As for becoming a Giants fan, I need to give credit to my Grandfather.  My granddad had a military background (Navy) and I am not exactly sure how he did it but in an effort to keep up moral… the NFL would send the Navy game tape which would then be shown to the men.  Somehow my Grandfather was able to keep these tapes!  So growing up as a kid my grandfather would play old New York Giants footage so I recall watching highlights of the likes of (OT) Roosevelt “Rosey” Brown Jr (NYG From 1953 – 1963), (RB) Ron Johnson (NYG From 1970 -1975), etc.  I have been a fan ever since!

Why New York Giant Fans Unite?

(StatementGames):  Why create New York Giants Fans Unite!!
(Steve):  I have been in and still take part in a variety of New York Giants groups.  (At last count Steve belonged to over 80 Facebook groups dedicated to the G-Men.)   In being part of numerous groups I was becoming a tad annoyed with the arrogance of other group administrators.  Now there are a lot of great groups out their but with some group administrators – I have found that they tend to hold their view in higher regard than the members.  That’s why with New York Giants Unite!!, everyone is able to express an opinion without any biases.

(StatementGames):  From 0 – 7K Members… what is your key to success?
(Steve):  Important to be selective with your members.  Ultimately if you attract and align yourself with the right people, they will stick with you.  Also… keep everything fun!

(StatementGames): 2017… rough season?
(Steve):  Ugh – that would be an understatement.  Very upsetting with the Offensive Line issue and now with Eli.  Never in a million years could anyone have predicated this.  Being a true fans means sticking with your team through thick and thin and that is what I plan on doing.

(StatementGames):  Silver lining for the rest of 2017 and going into 2018?
(Steve):  I am proud of Eli.  He will always be our QB but as bad as things have been, we do have some young guys within our system so lets see what the young guys like Davis Webb & Wayne Gallman can develop into.

(Marc):  Thanks Steve!!!  It has been a pleasure.

Sports Entertainment – Become A Member Of New York Giants Fans Unite!! Fantasy Football Special Offer.

StatementGames awards gift cards to top performers!

If you are a true Giants Fan… be sure to become a member of New York Giants Unite!! at  As an FYI, starting on December 1st 2017 will be giving $50 AMEX gift card to the individual who finishes 1st in “Total Wins” for the month of December as well as “Coins Earned” for the month of December.  With that said, we would like to present MEMBERS of New York Giants Unite!! and only MEMBERS of New York Giants Unite!! with a unique opportunity…. If you become a member of the StatementGames Pilot Community and finish in just the top 10 of either “Total Wins” or “Coins Earned” at the conclusion of December 2017… we will mail you an additional $25 AMEX Gift card.  As a recap (1st place “Total Wins” = $50 AMEX Gift Card, 1st Place “Coins Earned” = $50 AMEX Gift card, All New York Giants Unite!! members who finish in the top 10 of either category will receive a $25 AMEX Gift card)

Reach out to marketing (at) statementgames dot com with any questions you may have.

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