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Fantasy Sports Gaming Company, Raises 500K In Start-Up Capital.

Fantasy SportsStatementGames Fantasy Sports is a fan engagement platform and marketing system.  Because of our innovation in areas of fan engagement, we have been highlighted on major networks.  Networks like ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC.  As 2019 came to an end, the company closed 500K in Start-Up capital.  Investments came from Angel Investors, friends and family.

With funding, we were able to accomplish milestones in areas of:

  1. Platform stability
  2. Mobile Development (Mobile WEB, iOS & Android Applications)
  3. Data Architecture
  4. Marketing Automation

More information on StatementGames can be found HERE.  Additional media coverage from publications like NEWSDAY can be found HERE.  With a unique value proposition and interesting market conditions, StatementGames Inc. is well positioned for growth.  In 2020 we are bullish on incorporating even more “Social Gaming” features into our product.  For instance streaming video and chat functionality are priorities that make sense.  Such features will give fans even more opportunities to make picks while interacting with like minded fans.

What Is Next For StatemenGames Fantasy Sports – 2020 SEED Capital

Fantasy Sports

StatementGames Inc. is now exploring SEED Capital opportunities.

“Fantasy Sports & Sports Gaming is an exciting space,” Marc Saulino, CEO / Founder. “Our platform resonates strongly within the marketplace and our community grows daily.  With the completion of our data architecture and marketing automation program, we look forward to making an even bigger splash in 2020.”

About StatementGames Inc

StatementGames unites sports fans through a different form of Fantasy Sports.  Games are FREE 2 Play.  In addition to our blog, the one-minute overview video found at provides an overview of the platform.

More Investor information on StatementGames Inc. including company Pitch Deck, Financial Projections, Cap Table, allocations of funds report, etc. is available to accredited investors who submit an e-mail directly to marketing at statementgames dot com.

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