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StatementGames Fantasy Sports Is Giving Away Cash

StatementGames Fantasy Sports powers games that have a twist on traditional daily fantasy sports.   The games are Free To Play and for an overview of how to play, click HERE.  The objective of the Fantasy Sports community is to accumulate Coins or Credits from within the platform.  Coins are accumulated by playing games.  At the end of the day you are doing this because the more coins you can acquire, the more cash you can claim!

Create A Contest – Playing Fantasy Sports With Friends

Daily Fantasy Sports games are always available within the lobby of StatmentGames.  As a result, you can play daily or when the urge to compete is striking a nerve.  In addition to the platforms main lobby, the “Create Contest” feature is another great way to play games with family and friends.

In order to create your own contest you need to have a “StatementGames Account”.  StatementGames is accessible via, App Store & Google Play.  Anyone can register for StatementGames with a valid e-mail address, Facebook or Google account.  With a StatmentGames Fantasy Sports account, creating private game is simple and easy.  The video below shows how this is done.

How To Earn Additional Fantasy Sports Cash

We are going to give you 100 StatementGames Coins / Credits for every NEW StatementGames user that play in a contest that you create.  We are doing this because we value your willingness to try our platform.  This offer EXPIRES January 1, 2021 Rules that will determine how credits will be awarded.

  • You have the ability to create your own 8, 10 or 12 man contests.  For bonus credits to be awarded your contest must be filled with 8, 10 or 12 participants.
  • Additional credits will not be awarded for existing StatementGames users who join your created contest.
  • Credits awarded will also count towards the StatementGames LEADERBOARD.
  • Should StatementGames Fantasy Sports determine you are gaming our system (creating multiple accounts, activity from multiple different users accounts from that same device, IP address etc.) we will deactivate your account and your credits will be lost.
  • Within a contest you create, if you go 10 For 10 with your picks we are going to send you an additional 1000 credits.
  • Should anyone within a contest you create go 10 For 10 with their selections – we are going to send you an additional 1000 credits.

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