NFL Thanksgiving
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Fantasy Football On NFL Thanksgiving Day

NFL Thanksgiving!  The NFL & Turkey go hand in hand.  It gives family and friends and opportunity to come together and unite around food and sports.

NFL Thanksgiving Of course, can assist you in making your Holiday EVEN MORE ENJOYABLE!   The concept of StatementGames is a FAMILY originated concept!

Company founder Marc Saulino has vivid memories of playing an early version of StatementGames fantasy football in the early 90’s.  In an effort to engage the entire family on Thanksgiving Day his father came up with the StatementGames concept.  He would pull each family member aside and ask them a series of PROP – STATEMENTS that could take place during the 12:30 PM Detroit Lions Games.   He would ask questions such as:

  • The Detroit Lions Will WIN By OVER / UNDER 5.5 Points
  • Barry Sanders OVER / UNDER 100 Rushing Yards
  • Hermon Moore OVER / UNDER 7.5 Receptions 
  • Jim Harbaugh OVER / UNDER 250 Yards Passing  (Jim Harbaugh Quarterbacked the Chicago Bears twice Vs the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day 91 & 93)

… Once the quiz was completed he would collect $1 from each family member.  At the conclusion of the Lions game the family member who answered the most questions correctly WON the pot!

In today’s technological world and with the advancement of the platform, no need to muddle the waters with paper!  The Patent Pending StatementGames Inc. platform gives you the ability to apply this very simple concept digitally.  Our concept has been created for you to have FUN with a DIFFERENT form of fantasy sports.

Play NFL Thanksgiving Day Fantay Football

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