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What Is StatementGames & How Is It A New Form Of Fantasy Sports Entertainment

StatementGames Inc. has created a Fantasy Sports & Entertainment game that is different. There are strong synergies with the history of NFL Fantasy Football and the start of our gaming platfrom.

As CEO of StatementGames Inc. I get asked basic questions regarding the start of the company and it origins.

Why StatementGames Inc. – Sports Entertainment Platform

Fantasy Sports & Entertainment
StatementGames Founder – Marc Saulino

First, after spending 17+ years in the corporate space it was time for something new.  For as long as I can remember I have always had TWO Dreams, playing Center Ice for the New York Rangers and owning my own business.  So when the New York Rangers recently traded Derek Stephan, I really thought that I had a shot of becoming a Blueshirt but Jeff Gordan (NY Rangers GM) nor anyone from the scouting department called.  After that, I realized those guys do not have a need for an out of shape 40 year old who cannot shoot or skate.  Oh well… their loss.  My other ambition was to create a company that was fun and a company that made a difference within my community.  Since option 1 was never really an option, it was time to move forward in the sports entertainment business with StatementGames Inc.

How (Origin of StatementGames – An Alternative form of Fantasy Sports Gaming)

Fantasy Sports & Entertainment
LouCreative Inc Founder & StatementGames LLC Contributor – Lou Saulino

In terms of the StatementGames concept, I figured it would be a great idea to sit down with Louis Saulino. He is the CEO of!  Lou is a published sports author and has written over 5 books covering numerous sports verticals.  Lou Saulino is also my DAD.  The StatementGames concept is that of a GAME that presents participants with a list of “Statements” that relates to an individual sporting event.  So if the New York Giants were playing the New York Jets, some of the STATEMENTS presented would be in line with:

  • Eli Manning Over 250 YRDS Passing
  • Eli Manning Under 250  YRDS Passing
  • New York Jets Defense Over 1.5 Sacks
  • New York Jets Defense Under 1.5 Sacks

Playing StatementGames

Firstly, participants would select 10 statements from the list. Secondly, they would rank them from 10 – 1.  If their #10 Statement became correct over the course of the NY Giants Vs NY Jets game, they would earn 10 pts and if their other statements were incorrect, they would receive 0 pts.  Now the 10 points earned would be compared against 7-11 competing individuals and the individual with the most points from  at the conclusion of the New York Giants Vs New York Jets game WINS.  Simple game yet unique – but the origin of the game was not recently created.  The game’s origin was created years ago by Lou Saulino.  As a kid, my father would play a version of this game with family members during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

(Marc):  Thanks for spending a few minutes DAD!  Tell the readership more about yourself.
(Lou):  My Educational background is civil and transportation engineering with an undergraduate degree from Manhattan College ,and a Masters from NYU/Poly.  I am a licensed engineer in New York and New Jersey and in 2011, I ventured into writing about sports and my life experiences.

(Marc):  What current projects are you currently working on that excite you?
(Lou):  StatementGames has provided me with the opportunity to be creative in the sports world.  I enjoy developing the STATEMENTS that participants find challenging.  If you put your mind to it, football, baseball, basketball and hockey questions can be posed in a way that encourages logic & skill.  I am also excited about re-publishing my first book, Athlete for Hire, which is based on a concept I had initially developed as a TV Pilot script.

StatementGames Concept

(Marc):  The concept of StatementGames, what made you think of it?
(Lou):  Hey, the concept is yours.  I just gave you a base foundation by challenging you, your brother and your cousins with sports questions when you guys were young, and made a contest out of it for fun.

Fantasy Sports & Entertainment
Athlete For Hire – Lou Saulino

(Marc):  As for Athlete For Hire, what is the book about?
(Lou):  Athlete for Hire is a creative and unique concept.  The story follows the due diligence plan of a professional sports team owner to have his General Managers in football, baseball and basketball, draft an elite college athlete who plays all three sports in his senior year for a  fictional college.  His intent is to have the athlete play for all three of his teams year round on an as needed basis.   As you know, there has never been a three sport professional athlete, but check out Athlete for Hire,  perhaps that will change.

(Marc):  You have 5 books total, which one is your favorite?
(Lou):  I don’t have a favorite book.  This is because each was special to me and important for me to write. The historical sports fiction trilogy of8” Center Field in New York, 1951-1957, Dopey Bastid and Framily (friends considered family) afforded me with the opportunity to write about my life experiences from my youth through adulthood.  My most recent book is a crime mystery about a conflicted catholic priest, Bless Me Father.  This was a fun book to write as well.

(Marc):  Tips / words of wisdom you can offer to other bloggers / authors / writers?
(Lou):  Writing is much easier than most people think.  The trick is to write about what you know and enjoy the process.

(Marc):  Best way to get in contact with you?
(Lou): as well as Twitter @DopeyBastid!