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StatementGames & Empire Sports Media (ESM) Are Strategic Partners

In this Gaming Newsletter – StatementGames and Empire Sports Media have found strategic common ground.  Because of such synergies a strategic partnership has been announced.  A partnership with a focus on content marketing and content syndication.  The success of the partnership will be defined by ESM founder Alexander Wilson & StatementGames Founder Marc Saulino.

Via the partnership Empire Media will incorporate sports picks and predictions into their content.  Content created by the organization is specific to the New York Giants and New York Yankees.  As a result of the partnership, StatementGames will be able to introduce Giants and Yankees  content to its membership base.  The introduction of content will be done through a syndication program.  This is being done so that StatementGames can further engage their membership base.

“Partnering with StatementGames is beneficial for both audiences.  The two organizations will combine a state of the art fantasy sports platform with strategic digital content ”.  – Alexander Wilson, ESM Founder. “StatementGames CEO Marc Saulino is a forward thinking, passionate entrepreneur. EMS is excited to be involved with the expanding StatementGames network.”

About Empire Sports Media & StatmentGames

Empire Sports Media is a New York Giants and New York Mets sports media platform.  They are a rapidly growing news outlet that provides up-to-date New York sports coverage.  Today they are a top recognized sports blog.

StatementGames Inc unites sports fans through a FREE 2 Play sports gaming platform.  A gaming platform that combines Fantasy Sports with Prop betting.  The one-minute overview video found at www.statemengames.com provides an overview of how the platform is positioned.  For their innovation they have been highlighted on major networks.  Examples include networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC.  Please address media and press inquires to marketing at statementgames dot com.

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