Islanders Fantasy Hockey
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Playing StatementGames Fantasy Hockey Has REWARDS!  

Islanders Fantasy Hockey – The StatementGames platform gives NHL fans an opportunity to play a different form of Fantasy Hockey.  Games in which you compete for CASH REWARDS are available daily. 

For New York Islanders fans, the platform will give you an opportunity to compete for FREE Islander tickets and apparel.  All NHL Fantasy Hockey fans have an opportunity to compete for FREE.  (Please visit the StatementGames Home Page for a tutorial of how to play.)       

Islanders Fantasy Hockey – Free NYI Tickets & Apparel 

StatementGames Islanders Fantasy Hockey is working with IslesBlog to start November of 2018 off with a BANG!  All fans participating in the Saturday November 3, 2018 New Jersey Devils Vs New York Islanders game has a chance to WIN!  REWARDS offered include Islander Tickets and Apparel from YesMenOutfitter.   

  • Apparel WINNERS will have their merchandise shipped immediately.  
  • New York Islanders Ticket WINNERS will have their seats e-mailed 48 hours before puck drop.  
  • Attention All prize winners:  To ensure speedy delivery, please have your account information updated.  You can find your account details within the “My Profile” section located on StatementGames Fantasy Hockey.  

Islanders Fantasy Hockey


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