Fantasy Sports
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How To Play StatementGames Fantasy Sports

StatementGames Fantasy Sports combines traditional elements of daily fantasy sports with prop betting.  Because of the platforms innovation to the sports gaming community – company highlights have been focus points of networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC.

Player are competing in games that pertain to a specific sporting event.  Once inside the game, you will be ask to pick and rank 10 “Sports Props” and rank them in order of confidence from 10 through 1.  10 being your most confident pick.  Players compete in leagues of 8-12 and the individual with the most points from correct picks WINS.

How To Play Fantasy Sports For Free Get FREE

StatementGames is FREE 2 Play!  Players can log into StatementGames with ease.  You can do so with an Apple, Facebook or Google Account.  All NEW players are given FREE credits for joining the platform.  Once inside the platform, their are also ways in which additional FREE coins can be earned.

Fantasy Sports

How To WIN CASH Playing StatmentGames Fantasy Sports

All you need to do is finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any StatementGames contests.  You will win credits by finishing in a top three spot.  Your job is to build up a credit balance and when you are ready – simply exchange those credits for a CASH REWARD of your choice.  Thousands of dollars in CASH REWARDS from your favorite retailers are waiting to be claimed.

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