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StatementGames the most innovative Fantasy Sports platform. Seeking fans, college interns, etc. to assist in publishing New York Yankees content.

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StatementGames Inc. is a FREE 2 Play sports gaming platform. We have invented a new form of Fantasy Sports / MLB Fantasy Baseball. As a result, we have been featured on networks like ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC. The 1-minute overview video found HERE will give you a better understand of what we do.  Today we are hiring New York Yankees fans determined to break into the sports media industry. If you would like to become a journalist, sports contributor, etc. we would like to network with you. In other words, as a start-up, we get creative with our compensation packages.

Our select New York Yankees writers will be responsible for assisting StatatmentGames in creating web content. As a contributor you will be working as an independent contractor or freelancer. In addition to the sports media experience we provide, members of our team will receive perks based on the performance of their articles.

New York Yankees – Fantasy Sports / Sports Media Requirements – You Must:

Fantasy Baseball

  1. Have a computer that can easily access the Internet,
  2. Prior to submitting your details for consideration, you must be an existing member of the StatementGames alternative fantasy sports community. You should enjoy playing our Fantasy Baseball game.
  3. Be an MLB Fan that likes watching baseball games
  4. Root for the New York Yankees.
  5. Have a Twitter Account or be willing to create one.
  6. Demonstrate enthusiasm and knowledge of the New York Yankees through words – writing skills.
  7. Be dependable and be willing to work within a schedule / defined deadline
  8. Be willing to follow writing formats approved by the company. However, Approved authors can create content and express opinions that belong to the author.  Created content meet company SEO standards.
  9. Embrace a process of sharing your published content on personal social media accounts.
  10. Eager to learn self-Starter. A person who is determined to build a career in sports journalism & marketing.

Similarly – Fantasy Sports / Sport Media Bonus Skills: 

  1. Familiarity with WordPress.
  2. Comfortable networking within a “Slack” channel with other contributors.
  3. Accounts on other social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, Reddit)
  4. Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills.
  5. Have an interest in different aspects of public speaking (Podcasting).

By becoming a StatementGame contributor you are joining a team. Above all, we are all determined to become significant players in an emerging business vertical.


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