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Tomorrow marks two weeks of life without much live fantasy sports entertainment.  Under normal circumstances people who were isolated at home because of illness, introversion or any number of other reasons could at least count on sports to provide a temporary escape from cabin fever. And clearly how we are all living at the moment, these are not normal times.

Here at StatementGames we want to help you. Fantasy sports is a big part of America and its culture. It’s a big business that generates billions of dollars every year. But ever since the COVID-19 pandemic swept through the planet like a wildfire, most fantasy sports, or sports in general, have postponed their games for the foreseeable future. With most of the nation quarantined in their homes, games and activities are needed to get through these hard times. They are a great distraction from the seriousness of the virus that is affecting all Americans in some way. That’s why we have found ways to continue to run tournaments even though most of the sports world is on hold.

If you’re a sports fan who is looking for some sort of action and entertainment, here’s a quick preview of what we’re offering the rest of this week:

Fantasy Sports Entertainment

AEW DYNAMITE – Sports Entertainment 

AEW Dynamite continues on with an empty arena for the second straight week. Last week’s Dynamite got rave reviews even though there were no fans in attendance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dynamite has a full card this week as they continue to bring new content to people that definitely need it during this stressful time in the world. Choose 10 statements from this event in the StatementGames lobby, save your picks, then sit back and watch the show on TNT.

Fantasy Sports Entertainment

WWE Friday Night Smackdown – Fantasy Sports Entertainment 

This will be the 2nd to last Smackdown before Wrestlemania. Covid-19 has affected everything on the planet, including the WWE Universe. With these shows running though, it has allowed our member base to play along with the event. Last week, Rob Gronkowski made his highly anticipated debut. WWE has announced him as the host of Wrestlemania this year. For example members who chose to play in this game, were able to choose statements such as how long, OVER/UNDER, his ring promo would be. Stay active by logging into our app. You never know if this is something you would enjoy.

Fantasy Sports Entertainment

2020 NFL Draft – Another Form Of Creative Fantasy Sports Entertainment

The 2020 NFL Draft will be the 85th annual meeting of National Football League franchises to select newly eligible players. With the NFL announcing that the 2020 draft will proceed as scheduled April 23-25 and will be televised, we have put together a game around Round One of the draft. Statements like “Will LSU have more players chosen than Alabama?” We shall find out. You can now go make that choice with others on our platform.

StatementGames is great during these dark times. We at StatementGames will try to keep you busy for certain hours of the day. Users who are looking to do more can also create their own tournaments for these events to play with their family and friends. With the strict guidelines for social distancing right now, creating a tournament is a perfect way to interact with family and friends and still abide by the government’s wishes. WWE’s biggest event, Wrestlemania, is coming up, along with the NFL Draft weeks after that. These would be the perfect opportunities to do something fun amongst yourselves. It keeps users all engaged and gives users something to look forward to.

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