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For your entertainment, a quick weekly review of StatementGames alternative Fantasy Sports (DFS). Upcoming schedule and how you can WIN FREE CASH Rewards.

StatementGames Fantasy Sports & Entertainment Review – 02/01/2021

Tampa Bay Super Bowl Host Committee logo revealed - Tampa Bay Business  Journal
Super Bowl LV

The 2020 NFL season will come to a close on Sunday with Super Bowl LV. However we have a ton of sports action to get through prior kickoff.

Weekly News & Notes

  1. The StatementGames alternative fantasy sports (DFS) gaming platform is FREE 2 Play. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for tips and details on how you compete for free and win CASH REWARDS.
  2. Our VIP Program continues to grow. Becoming a StatementGames VIP gives you the ability to WIN larger buckets of COINS by becoming an overall TOURNAMENT WINNER. To become a VIP contact our marketing team. (marketing at statementgames dot com)
  3. January 2021 LEADERBOARD race has officially closed and the February race has begun!

January 2021 Fantasy Sports LEADERBOARD Race Results

StatementGames Fantasy Sports LEADERBOARD

Bonus coins have been distributed today. Congratulations to all WINNERS! All community members can exchange coins for CASH REWARDS from withing the StatementGames App. (Apple & Google Play)

Tournament Wins = (Category Winner = Mrniceguy111)

“In The Money” Runner-Ups = Bxprjay, NYNS Motor Mouth, Ryanlerman, Brett05, Norcalhustlr, Jan McGory Hammersmith, Josie, Boiler24, Ltbutkus3457

Contest Wins = (Category Winner = Mrniceguy111, 71)

“In The Money” Runner-Ups = Mai Truong, NYNS MotorMouth, Norcalhustlr, Jan McGory Hammersmith, Jose, Ryanlerman, Musinski123, Brett05

Coins Earned = (Category Winner = Mrniceguy111, 2,415.67)

“In The Money” Runner-Ups = Bxprjay, Mai Truong, NYNS Motor Mouth, Norcalhustlr, Josie, Jan McGory Hammersmith, Musinski123, Ryanlerman, Brett05

StatementGames Featured Schedule -Sports & Entertainment 

Fantasy Football

NHL | 7:00 PM EST | Pittsburgh Penguins Vs New York Rangers | NBCSN
NBA | 8:30 PM EST | Phoenix Suns Vs Dallas Mavericks | NBATV


NHL | 6:00 PM EST | Buffalo Sabres Vs New York Islanders | NBCSN
NBA | 7:30 PM EST | Los Angeles Clippers Vs Brooklyn Nets | TNT
NBA | 10:00 PM EST | Golden State Warriors Vs Boston Celtics | TNT


NHL | 5:30 PM EST | Detroit Red Wings Vs Tampa Bay Lightning | NBCSN
NBA | 7:00 PM EST | Indiana Pacers Vs Milwaukee Bucks | ESPN

NHL | 8:00 PM EST | Tarps Off Sports – 1,000 COINS To VIP Overall TOURNAMENT WINNER | Boston Bruins Vs Philadelphia Flyers | NBCSN

NBA | 9:30 PM EST | Phoenix Suns Vs New Orleans Pelicans| ESPN


PGA | 9:30 AM EST | Waste Management Phoenix Open | Golf Channel
NHL | 7:00 PM EST | Washington Capitals Vs New York Rangers | NHLN
NBA | 7:30 PM EST | Golden State Warriors Vs Dallas Mavericks | TNT
NBA | 10:00 PM EST | Denver Nuggets Vs Los Angles Lakers | TNT


NHL | 7:00 PM EST | Boston Bruins Vs Philadelphia Flyers | NHLN
NBA | 7:30 PM EST | Toronto Raptors Vs Brooklyn Nets | ESPN
NBA | 10:00 PM EST | Boston Celtics Vs Los Angeles Clippers | ESPN


NHL | 1:00 PM EST | New York Rangers Vs New Jersey Devils | NHLN
NHL | 7:00 PM EST | Vancouver Canucks Vs Toronto Maple Leafs | NHLN

NBA | 8:30 PM EST | SG 1,500 COINS To VIP Overall TOURNAMENT WINNER | Golden State Warriors Vs Dallas Mavericks | ABC


NHL | 12:00 PM EST | Philadelphia Flyers Vs Washington Capitals | NBC
NBA | 2:00 PM EST | Boston Celtics Vs Phoenix Suns | NBA TV

NFL | 6:30 PM EST |* Into The Labs Podcast 2,500 Bonus COINS To Overall TOURNAMENT WINNER + FREE VIP Membership | Kansas City Chiefs Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers | ABC

* If the Super Bowl LV Overall TOURNAMENT WINNER is an existing VIP Member – 5,000 Bonus Coins will be added to their account.

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