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StatementGames Fantsy Sports Values Your Feedback!

Fantasy Sports

StatementGames values your feedback!  We continue to capture your comments and use them to improve our FREE 2 PLAY gaming platform.  If you have a comment or suggestion we want to hear from you!  Your feedback is valued.  It ensures we are building the core features you desire.

In addition to your feedback, the team at StatementGames wants you to stay safe during COVID-19.

The Best Way To Contact StatementGames Fantasy Sports

  1. E-Mail – All users and business prospects can send us a notification to marketing at statementgames dot com.
  2. Social Media – Contact us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  3. Comment Below – We review and respond to all “Appropriate” comments.  Submit a comment in the chat box below.

StatementGames Fantasy Sports Is Looking For Feedback On The Following Features

  1. What do you think about the format of our game?  What are your thoughts on our twist on Fantasy Sports?
  • Web Vs App – The StatementGames Fantasy Sports App can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play Store.  Our Apps compliment  How do you prefer to play Fantasy Sports?  Do you prefer going to a Website or installing a app?

  • REWARDS – The StatementGames platform is FREE to play but you can WIN CASH REWARDS.  Our REWARDS section is powered by the top traditional and digital retailers.  For instance – REWARDS from retailers such as NIKE, Amazon, Target can be claimed.  Is their a specific retailer we are missing?  Any other REWARDS you would like an opportunity to compete for?

  • StatementGames give you the ability to earn CASH through our referral program.  As a result of this program you have the ability to earn money by simply inviting friends to play fantasy sports.   What do we need to do in order to further incentivize you make referrals.

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