Fantasy Sports
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StatementGames Fantasy Sports With Friends 

Fantasy sports is a great way for us to engage and connect with friends.  It is the ultimate UNIFIER.  Over 50% of the US population have identified themselves as fans of a sports team or of an individual player.  All of us are unique and different in a number of ways.  As a result of SPORTS, common ground can be shared by many!    

StatementGames gives sports fans an opportunity to come together and connect around individual sporting events.  They do so through casual sports gaming and a different from of Fantasy Sports.  

Creating group tournaments on the StatementGames Fantasy Sports could not be easier.  

How To Create StatementGames Sports Tournaments  

Fantasy Sports

  1. Create Account or Login Into your StatementGames Fantasy Sports Account. 
  2. From the lobby select “Create Contest”
  3. Pick Your Preference – what does your group want to play?  (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, ETC)   
  4. Select the game that you would like to play
  5. Determine your contest size (6 Participants Minimum – 12 Participants Maximum)
  6. Select your entry Fee (5 or 10 Coins)
  7. Make a name for your Created Contest
  8. Hit Create Contest
  9. Invite friends

Creating a Tournament at the end of the day is just another way to have fun among friends while watching a big game.  Or turn an average regular season game into your groups Super Bowl!  

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