Miami Dolphins
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Summer NFL – Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football

StatementGames gives Miami Dolphins Fans a chance to play Summer 2020 Fantasy Football.  The games powered by StatementGames are different from those of traditional Daily Fantasy Sports operators.  For an overview of StatementGames Fantasy Football, take a look at the 1-minute overview video found on our Home Page.

For summer 2020 we are playing OVER / UNDER WIN total tournaments.   The process is fairly straight forward:

  1. Review a list of all NFL teams and their OVER / UNDER WIN Total Odds
  2. Select 10 OVER / UNDER WIN Total Props
  3. Rank your picks in order of confidence from 10 Through 1
  4. Play in leagues of 8-12 NFL fans
  5. At the conclusion of 2020 NFL Season – the individual with the most points from correct picks WINS.
  6. FREE 2 Play – Play for CREDITS that can be exchanged for REWARDS.

Miami Dolphins OVER / UNDER 6 Total WINS

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins OVER / UNDER WIN Total line on StatementGames is 6.  If you are keying in on this STATEMENT in our version of Fantasy Football – do you think the Dolphins will WIN OVER or UNDER 6 games?  Lets take a look at the team’s 2020 1st Picks:

Tua Tagovailoa

Born: 03.02.1998 (Ewa Beach, HI)
Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 216 lb
Position: QB
College: University Of Alabama  

Miami Dolphins

Austin Jackson

Born: 08.11.1999 (Sacramento, CA)
Height: 6’ 5”
Weight: 322 lb
Position: OT
College: USC  

Miami Dolphins

Noah Igbinoghene

Born: 11.27.1999 (Trussville, AL)
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 198 lb
Position: Cornerback
College: Auburn University  

Does Tua Tagovailoa, Austin Jackson & Noah Igbinoghene influence your decision on the Miami Dolphins going OVER / UNDER 6 total WINS?  That is for you to decide.  What we can tell you is that we understand the picks and like the direction. We just do not feel these three picks will get the team OVER 6 in 2020.

Dolphins Still A Year Away – UNDER 6 WINS

Miami Dolphins

As we watch the Dolphins grow, we know that our friends at Five Reasons Sports Network will continue to add insight on the teams ups and downs.

Let’s not rush into things with regards to Tua. Go ahead and redshirt the kid. Austin Jackson has had his ups and downs. It is well documented how he got beat like a drum by AJ Epenesa when USC played Iowa. As for Noah Igbinoghene, he has raw talent but is a developmental player. The Dolphins are OK taking these types of players as priority picks. After all, this is all about building the team the right way.

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