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AEW ALL OUT preview and predictions for the two most significant  matches airing September 5th.

AEW ALL OUT Preview & Predictions

When: 8:00 PM ET, Saturday, September 5, 2020
Where: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL

AEW ALL OUT Match Card

World Heavyweight Championship – Jon Moxley(c) vs. MJF
World Tag Team Championship – Kenny Omega & Adam Page(c) vs. FTR
Women’s World Championship – Hikaru Shida(c) vs. Thunder Rosa
Mimosa Mayhem Match – Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy
Broken Rules Match – Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara
8 Man Tag Team Match – Dark Order(Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Evil Uno, and Stu Grayson) vs. Natural Nightmares, Scorpio Sky, and Matt Cardona
21-Man Casino Battle Royal – Winner Gets Future World Title Match
Tooth & Nail Match – Dr. Britt Baker vs. Big Swole
Tag Team Match – The Young Bucks vs. Jurassic Express


Jon Moxley vs. MJF – AEW World Heayweight Championship Match

AEW ALL OUT has two of, if not THE two biggest, matches in AEW history and this is one of them. Jon Moxley versus MJF for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship is a gigantic match and the build for it has been perfect. MJF has done some of the best promo work I can remember in building this match and has proven that he is a big part of the future of professional wrestling. Meanwhile, since joining AEW, Jon Moxley has portrayed as a big star and every time we see him, his mannerisms and the way he carries himself backs it up. 

The reason this match is so important is because it’s title versus undefeated streak. Moxley is the champion while MJF has NEVER lost a singles match in AEW. It’s also so important because with an MJF win, it shows that he can potentially become the homegrown face of AEW. All the men’s singles champions so far have been from WWE and made their names there. MJF can be the one that bucks that trend and be the face AEW needs. MJF winning the AEW World Championship changes the game but I’m not so positive he will.

If MJF wins the title, that means every men’s championship in AEW will be held by a heel wrestler(FTR is definitely winning the tag titles) and that’s not normally the dynamic wrestling follows. But again, who knows? AEW has been a game changer so this prior blueprint could be thrown out the window. So if I had to make a pick, MJF wins the AEW World Heavyweight Championship after a brutal, grueling match.


Kenny Omega & Adam Page vs. FTR – AEW World Tag Team Championship Match

This is the other important match I was talking about. There are numerous reasons this match is so important. Let’s get the first one out of the way. FTR WILL WIN the AEW Tag Team Championship on this night. It is the only logical move for the company. That is because of the second biggest reason this is a huge match. Kenny Omega OR Adam “Hangman” Page will turn on the other and become a heel moving forward. The breadcrumbs have been laid perfectly leading up to this match and it has fans guessing who will turn on who. 

The last reason this match is so important is it sets up perhaps the biggest tag team match in wrestling history: FTR against the Young Bucks for the titles. This match has been brewing for years with each team calling themselves the best tag team in the world and rightfully so. They are the two best tag teams on the planet and a match between the two would do huge numbers for AEW. That match would main event any show it’s on and it’s coming. So yes, Omega & Page against FTR has a lot riding on it so buckle in. It is going to be a phenomenal match and I wouldn’t be shocked if at the end of the year, we are saying it was the best match of 2020.

AEW ALL OUT 2020 Predictions

10 PT Pick = AEW Tag Team Championship Match – FTR WIN MATCH
9 PT Pick = AEW World Championship Match OVER 18:30 MINS
8 PT Pick = AEW Tag Team Championship Match OVER 17:30 MINS

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