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September 15, 2018
By StatementGames Team  

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating at a 4th of July BBQ.  Before you know it… Thanksgiving and the Holiday season will be upon us!  For now, we approach the tail end of September and there is a TON to look forward too on StatementGames:

StatementGames is a simple on-line PROP BET game!  Featured on ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX… no other Fantasy Sports Game can match our uniqueness.  Absolutely NO costs in creating an account, NO Hassel & No Fuss.   For an overview of the game click HERE.   You will also want to check out “7 Things You Need To Know About StatementGames” by clicking HERE.

Call Us Psychic– What We Know About You! 

  • You LOVE Sports
  • You HAVE STRONG OPINIONS on sports and for the most part… YOUR OPINIONS ARE CORRECT!!!
  • In fact YOU ARE A GENIUS!  Tout Wars, ESPN Radio, NFL Network… They have NOTHING ON YOU!
  • Watching  MLB Games & NFL Games will be a priority!

www.statementgames.com Gives You The Opportunity To Prove Just How Smart You Are. 

Lets face it… you are going to be watching the big games anyway.  StatementGames is providing you with a platform that:

  • Makes your viewing experience even more enjoyable.
  • Get familiar with our game by watching our YouTube Video found HERE.  Then go out and PROVE to Tom, Dick & Harry that your ability to handicap sporting events is much better than theirs.  YOU ARE A GENIUS so why not prove it and pick up some prizes along the way?

Got questions?  Contact us via e-mail at Marketing At StatementGames Dot Com or SocialMedia (@StatementGames on Facebook & Twitter)   Enjoy your NFL weekends or perhaps you plan on checking out (Canelo Alverez Vs GGG II)!!!

Best Of Luck!