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WWE Raw preview and predictions for the episode airing June 22nd.

When: 8:00 PM ET, Monday, June 22, 2020
Where: WWE Performance Center, Orlando, FL
TV: USA Network

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Monday Night Raw Wrestling Predictions

WWE Raw 6/22 Show Preview

WWE Raw will try to continue this week to build momentum after last week’s great show. Last week’s Raw, for the first time in months, had a cohesive show that kept viewers entertained throughout. WWE has decided to make the June 22nd show a “championship” edition. There will be FOUR titles defended on Raw.

Asuka will defend her Raw Women’s Championship against Charlotte. The Street Profits will FINALLY put the Raw Tag Team Championship on the line against the War Raiders. R-Truth will try to keep the 24/7 Championship in a rare pre-planned match against Tozawa. And lastly, Bayley & Sasha Banks will defend the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship against the IIconics. Also on this show, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio will each have promo segements.


Asuka vs. Charlotte For the Raw Women’s Championship

Although Raw seems to be moving in a new direction, they are giving us Asuka versus Charlotte again this week. These two just faced each three weeks ago and had a great, lengthy match. Due to the “championship” nature of this episode, the Raw Women’s Championship will be on the line. Either woman would be a great choice to lead the Raw women’s division moving forward but with Asuka’s reign barely just beginning, she should hold on to the title here. And with the looming threat of Nia Jax still lurking, expect some involvement from her in this match. I can see this trio of women having a triple threat match for the title at the next pay per view, Extreme Rules. With the history Asuka and Charlotte have with each other, this should be the main event of Raw.


Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders For Raw Tag Team Championship

The shenanigans between the Raw Tag Team Champions, the Street Profits, and the War Raiders have been going on for weeks. They have faced off in basketball games, ax-throwing competitions, bowling, and much more but finally, they will have an ACTUAL wrestling match for the Raw Tag Team Championship. The silly entertainment the two teams have been providing for the last month is not everyone’s cup of tea but for the most part, I have enjoyed it. All of the men are likable and are fully committed to this storyline. Throughout this storyline, the Street Profits and War Raiders have slowly begun to develop a friendship with each other which has added to the entertainment.

It’s that added dynamic that makes this week’s match for the titles so intriguing. Both teams are “babyfaces” and with Raw moving in new directions, now could be the time for a “heel” turn for one of the teams. With this story being light and fun so far, this could be the edge the feud needs to keep it going. Regardless, both teams are great in the ring so this should be a fun match after being anticipated for weeks.

WWE Raw Predictions – 6.22.2020

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