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August 15, 2018
By Marc Saulino

“I (Expletive) love this StatementGames & want an AMEX Gift Card!” By far the best quote we have received this summer. What makes this quote so great is that it came from a woman in her 50’s who has been lecturing her children on how traditional Fantasy Sports is boring and a waste of time! Of course this lady has cracked our August LEADERBOARD and looking to EARN $$$ by finishing 1st, 2nd Or 3rd in the “WINS” Or “Coins Earned” columns on the www.statementgames.com LEADERBOARD. Good Luck user Michellecox! In your pursuit for glory you will face stiff competition from users Bxprjay, Ryanlerman, Onedayasalion & up-and-coming FinanceTeam!

Recent Accomplishments

StatementGames Inc. has recently completed an update of our code. For you technical junkies out there… we have migrated to Angular 6. This migration will have NO baring on the way you play www.statementgames.com. With that said, we do plan on rolling out some new features to our platform and the update will make it easier to deploy. Be sure to follow @StatementGames on Twitter & Facebook for the most up-to-date information & announcements.

What To Expect As We Close Out The Summer Of 2018

* We are in the DOG DAYS of summer with the MLB in full swing! We are in the process of testing out some new markets but you will always be able to play Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, New York Yankees & Philadelphia Phillies games. As you play these games – A few resources that will assist you in competing:

o The Pinstripe Empire = https://www.pinstripeempireny.com/

o Lenny Melnick MLB Podcast (MON – FRI 9AM) = https://lennymelnickfantasysports.com/

* The 2018 NFL Season Is Upon Us! Heading into the NFL season we have been able to team up with some great PARTNERS that will allow us to give you an ability to compete for even more prizes & experiences! In addition to StatementGames Coins you will be able to compete for:

o T-Shirts / Sports Apparel – Done in conjunction with www.sportsonthego1.com / The Jets Factor Podcast. (You can find the Jets Factor Podcast on Soundcloud)

o Cigars – compliments of www.pinnacletobacco.com

o Gift Certificates – compliments of Dang BBQ https://dangbbq.com/. (Islip NY)

If your competing for LEADERBOARD status or simply competing amongst friends – best of luck as we wrap up August 2018! Should you have general questions or interested in exploring PARTNERSHIP Opportunities with StatementGames INC. contact us at marketing@statementgames.com.



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