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What Others Are Saying About StatementGames Inc. 

What Others Are Saying About StatementGames Inc.


  • Andrew Charles – Shout out to @StatementGames for the FREE Detroit Lions Tickets!
  • William Rottkamp – I had a blast playing your Pork & Picks @DangBBQ tournament… thanks for the $25 gift certificate
  • Username “CanUBeatMe” – My Fantasy Football hopes were pinned on Jimmy Garoppolo.  Since his injury, my team has tanked.  Challenging my Fantasy Football league to play Statementgames privately has helped recoup my entry fees!
  • UNANIMOUS – First the Minnesota Vikings lose at home to the Buffalo Bills, $100 “King Of The Hill Pool” entry fee gone.  Then the New York Yankees take a beating to those animals up in Boston.  The New York Giants SUCK!  My sports world has been shaken to its core!  “StatementGames” has been a blessing in disguise… Taking the CA$H of my co-workers in private NFL Monday Night Tournaments keeps me going!

Why Are They Talking About StatementGames Inc.?

Because they are having fun playing a GAME!  StatementGames is simply an on-line game.  It is FREE to play and our new TWIST on Fantasy Sports is what makes us unique!  (Click HERE for a HOW TO PLAY OVERVIEW)  Creating an account is simple and easy.  There is NO cost or ongoing obligations.  When creating an account, utilizing the Facebook or Google options will make life easy.  If you already have an account, log back in and play a few games today!  Take a picture and tag @StatementGames on either Facebook or Twitter with the prizes and / or experiences that you win.   Or simply e-mail us at marketing@statementgames.comAccomplish this mission and we will add 100 coins to your account balance.

Upcoming Opportunities For You!

By simply playing an on-line Sports Game… a few opportunities you can compete for:

  1. CA$H gift cards will be awarded to those who can finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd on the October LEADERBOARD
  2. Jets Fan?  The Jets Factor Podcast gives you an opportunity to WIN a T-Shirt.  Winners of these tournaments will also increase your odds of WINNING 2 TIX to see the NE Vs NYJ 11/25 at MetLife Stadium.  (Full details found HERE)
  3. SportsOnTheGo1 will give you an opportunity to WIN a T-Shirt by playing Thursday Night NFL tournaments.
  4. Kansas City Chiefs Fans living out in the LA area will want to follow Chiefs Fans LA as they will have some giveaways that will be of interest.
  5. Cigars from our friends at Pinnacle Tobacco.
  6. Our partner at @IslesBlog are working with us in giving away New York Islander tickets for select tournaments.
  7. How about a New York Knicks Kevin Knox Jersey?  Watch Knicks Fan TV For Details.  (YouTube)
  8. Hungry?  Gift cards from Brother Jimmy’s & Dang BBQ
  9. Books, Starbucks Certificates, Dunkin Certificates & More.

None of the above is of interest… contact us!  We want to know what is of interest to you as we continue to deliver value in the form of rewards to those who compete on www.statementgames.com at a high level!