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May 16, 2018
By StatementGames 

Supreme Court Ruling To Legalize Sports Betting

On May 15, 2018 the United States Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). This decision legalizes sports betting – and it’s great news for sports fans.  As a result of this ruling our team has fielded a number of inquiries with regards to position of StatementGames Inc. and how we will operate in the future.

www.statementgames.com is passionate about sports and through our on-line gaming platform – we are proud to see how our new form of Fantasy Sports has positively changed the way fans watch sporting events.   We believe sports is even more fun when you have some skin in the game, so we’d like to share what the Supreme Court ruling means for you, our valued prospects and members.

How The Legalization Of Sports Betting Will Affect StatementGames

Since the launch of www.statementgames.com in November of 2017, our mission has been to bring fans closer together through a new on-line sports game. We feel that although the Fantasy Sports industry has significantly grown, the industry has failed to innovate the way games / tournaments are played.  The core value proposition of StatementGames is in offering a NEW GAME that will take Fantasy Sports to even greater heights.  The recent Supreme Court ruling will allow us to explore future product enhancements that further drive engagement through our proven – patent pending technology.   Enhancements that will give you an even greater sporting experience.

For the time being there will not be any significant changes on how StatementGames Inc. operates.  We will continue to position ourselves as a Free To Play on-line sports game that also gives its members the ability to WIN various prizes / experiences through competition within our platform.  There will not be any changes in the way our members create accounts or log into their existing accounts.  In fact creating A StatementGames Account or Logging into your account has become easier.  We have updated our technology that allows sign on via your Google+ Or Facebook accounts.  There is NO required costs or funding of an account in order to access our system.  To compete in tournaments you need StatementGames Coins.  Keep in mind that we populate your account with 60 coins upon registration.  You also have the ability to accumulate coins daily by selecting the “Get Coins” tab and spinning our coins wheel on a daily basis.

  • For an OVERVIEW / Refresher on how to play StatementGames… watch our 1 minute overview video by clicking HERE.
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Time will tell if & when we modify our platform to allow for real $ StatementGames tournaments.  It will also be dependent on individual state legislation.  For the time being we would like to remind traditional fantasy sports league managers and group admins on how they can CREATE PRIVATE CONTESTS.  Instructions on how to do this is located HERE.  With private tournaments, should the organizer outline additional rules / conditions for entry into these tournaments – this is at the discretion of the organizer has nothing to do with StatementGames Inc.

As always, reach out to us if you have questions via e-mail.  Thank you for your interest and support  We value the opportunity to bring our fans closer to the games they love.



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