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September 10, 2018
By Rodney Harris

As we know preseason is over and the rosters are set. Some players have been cut and one player in particular was traded. We all know that the Jets started this offseason carrying three quarterbacks in to camp. Josh McCown who is the veteran quarterback and last years starter, Teddy Bridgewater who had a great seasons before his knee injury, and of course the rookie Sam Darnold.

All of the quarterbacks got playing time this preseason, but Teddy was the stand out. He showed that he could still play in the NFL and that the knee looks fine. When you play that well folks, people come knocking. The New Orleans Saints picked up the phone and made a deal for Teddy Bridgewater. The Jets got a third-round pick in return for Teddy. This was a great deal for the Saints, knowing that starting quarterback Drew Brees is on the back end of his career.

So who will be the week one starter for the Jets? By the end of week three of preseason the Jets anocced that, rookie Sam Darnold will start week one. Sam Darnold went 29-45, thrown for 244 yards, with 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. He had a quarterback rating of 83.94. I have reason to believe that the staff of New York Jets have fallen and hit their heads. Why throw this young man to the lion if you do not have to. You have a veteran on the bench who can start. This will let Sam be a student of the game this season. He can watch and learn so much from the sideline. By the Jets making this decision, you put your young franchise player at risk. Some may say that this is the best way for a young player to learn, but not in this organization. The Jets have a bad history with young quarterback. Development hasn’t been the Jets forte. To me this is a big mistake.

Under Sam Darnold I see the New York Jets finishing third in the AFC East with a record of 6-10. I believe that Sam Darnold will finish this season with 20 touchdowns and 15 interceptions, and passing for 2,900 yards passing. We all know rookies will struggle, Sam will as well. The young man is very smart and is a fast learner said by his teammates. I just want to protect him as much as possible.

Tonight for Week 1 the Jets take on the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football. Playing this game on StatementGames.com I have two statements I do love. “Matthew Stafford OVER 2.5 TD Passes”. I feel that this young Jets defense is good, but Matthew is better. He will be finding those receivers over the top all game. I also love “ Bilal Powell OVER 90.5 All Purpose Yards”. I feel that the running back will be the Jets saving grace this season. Especially with a rookie under center.

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My Statementgames.com Picks for 9/10/2018:

Matthew Stafford OVER 2.5 TD Passes

Bilal Powell OVER 90.5 All Purpose Yards


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