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April 3, 2018
By StatementGames Team

The Spoked B Podcast & StatementGames INC Are Alligned As Partners!

The Spoked B Podcast and StatementGames INC – are moving forward with a joint content marketing partnership.  https://twitter.com/TheSpokedBPod creates content that relates to the Boston Bruins via blogs and podcasting.   Their relationship with StatmentGames affords them an opportunity to further distribute their content to a rapidly growing membership base.   By syndicating The Spoked B Podcast content across the StatementGames LLC platform – members of www.statementgames.com are getting additional insight on the Boston Bruins from a source that lives & breaths the Boston Bruins.  A source that will offer opinions that will aid members in playing NHL tournaments on  www.statementgames.com.

StatementGames CEO Marc Saulino states “As a company, the traffic that we see from the Boston area is significant enough for us to move forward with this partnership.  The Spoked B Podcast has great content and is a great fit for our userbase.   This podcast is entertaining and the show hosts have a deep knowledge of the Bruins as well as the NHL.   I am looking forward to listening in and getting their take on the upcoming 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs.”

The Spoked B Podcast HOST Jesse Gaunce states “We are very excited to be partnering with StatementGames, a company that we believe offers a new and unique way to play fantasy sports. We’ve been intrigued by the StatementGames team’s ability to create a fun fantasy sports environment that doesn’t force the consumer to pay to play. Our partnership with StatementGames gives us a great opportunity to connect with fans who enjoy playing in tournaments as much as we do while simultaneously grow our listener base.  We also look forward to joining a fantastic network of blogs and podcasts already partnered with StatementGames and sharing ideas with these sports content builders.”

About StatementGames & The Spoked B Podcast

StatementGames – Melville NY, StatementGames LLC has a new take on fantasy sports.  Our non-money tournaments afford an opportunity to test sports knowledge by selecting and ranking prop-statements on the game being played in addition to the players involved. Review a pre-defined list of statements and select 10. Then rank your statements from (10) most confident choice to (1).  www.statemengames.com is changing the way fans watch sporting events.

The Spoked B Podcast – What happens when three die-hard Boston Bruins fans come together to talk about the team they love?  You get The Spoked B Podcast – a bi-monthly show created by Jesse Gaunce, Zach Weiner and Andrew Cox in the summer of 2016.

Where Boston sports talk radio fails to give Bruins fans the kind of hockey talk they’re looking for is where we succeed. With us, it’s all Bruins all the time (with the occasional look around the rest of the NHL as well). From game recaps to prospect news, every angle of Bruins hockey is covered into an hour-long show that fans can turn to when they want real opinions and analysis.  (https://soundcloud.com/user-110198163)


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