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September 3, 2019
By StatementGames Team

IDP Guys & StatementGames Unite – Partnership Details

The IDP Guys and StatementGames Inc. have united for the 2019 NFL season by creating a unique proposition for the Fantasy Football community.  Via a partnership, the two organizations will be able to offer their community members with a FREE opportunity to WIN NFL Jersey’s, team caps & hooded sweatshirts.

For an opportunity to WIN, members of each organizations communities will participate in NFL Sunday Night Football tournaments that feature The IDP guys on www.statementgames.com.  An overview of how tournaments are played can be viewed below.

For every Sunday Night NFL contest – making 10 Statements can earn overall Tournament WINNERS a grand prize in addition to StatementGames Coins.  Overall Tournament WINNERS are individuals who have accumulated the most points of all other contest WINNERS.  StatementGames CONTESTS operate in the framework of a TOURNAMENT.  There could be an infinite number of CONTESTS that are generated from a TOURNAMENT.

For example, the 1st IDP Guys featured tournament will be centered around the Pittsburgh Steelers Vs New England Patriots.  To join this CONTEST, you need to anti up a 15 coin entry fee.  In doing so you are competing with 12 other participants.  Once your contest fills, a new CONTEST will populate in the platform.  Let’s assume 10 contests are created within the framework of this TOURNAMENT.  This means there will be about 10 CONTEST WINNERS.  Of the 10 CONTEST WINNERS, the individual with the most points from correct “Statements” will WIN the grand prize.

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Quote from StatementGames Inc. CEO Marc Saulino

“Joint Ventures with quality operators & content providers will remain a key part of our acquisition strategy.  The IDP Guys put out a great podcast and their team is dedicated to perfecting their craft.  Partnering with them gives StatementGames Inc. an opportunity to share their product with our community while getting an opportunity to introduce www.statementgames.com to theirs in a non-intrusive way.  Our partnership simply makes sense.”

About The IDP Guys

www.idpguys.org is a football website and podcast with a focus on DEFENSE.  The show was born out of listener leagues for the Detroit Lions Podcast in the 2016 season.   Founder Nathan Cheatham would call into the podcast with updates each week about the winners and losers and give quick snips of advice. By the summer of 2017 the updates turned into The IDP Guys business for all your Fantasy Football needs.

About StatementGames Inc.

Featured on outlets such as ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC… StatementGames Inc. has a new twist on fantasy sports.  Their Patent Pending technology provides sports fans with an opportunity to play a FREE on-line game that tests their handicapping skills.  Members of StatementGames select and rank prop-statements related to individual sporting events instead of drafting players.  The USER’S ability to pick correct statements determines their outcome.  A one-minute overview video on StatementGames Inc. can be found HERE.


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